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BlackBerry Named Overall IoT Security Solution Provider of the Year

We’re thrilled to share that after thorough review, scoring and analysis, CyberSecurity Breakthrough has officially selected BlackBerry as the winner of their Overall IoT Security Solution Provider of the Year award.

Recognizing the world’s best information security companies, people and products, the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards honor excellence, innovation and creativity in the cybersecurity realm. BlackBerry provides enterprises and governments with software and solutions to secure all of the IoT devices they use, the products they make and the data that flows in and out of these devices, products and networks. We specialize in key areas such as cybersecurity, endpoint management, encryption, embedded systems and data privacy to fortify companies worldwide.

As we enter a new era of connectivity and as the cybersecurity industry progresses at a rate unparalleled by others in the technology sector, we’re honored to receive this latest recognition from CyberSecurity Breakthrough regarding our mission to secure the Internet of Things. This is a critical call to action for us as 76% of enterprise IT decision makers agree that having consistent management and security across all endpoints is imperative.

It’s clear that the IoT represents the next great wave of business productivity advancements, as it systematically reshapes the way data is created, collected, communicated and disseminated. We recognize the massive potential and benefits the IoT possesses, especially when it comes to improving business outcomes. But with that said, we’re not blind to the fact that the growing hyperconnectivity the IoT creates introduces unprecedented safety and privacy risks.

That’s why it’s crucial for enterprises to manage their diverse and growing set of devices from a single console. It’s the reason we created BlackBerry UEM and a host of other solutions to secure the IoT, and we’re proud to be designated the leading IoT Security Solution Provider of 2019. With our BlackBerry UEM solution, enterprises can securely enable the power of the IoT with complete management and policy control for all of their devices and apps. As the world becomes more connected, with every ‘thing’ having its own IP address, BlackBerry’s role ensuring safety, security and data privacy will become even more prevalent in this fast arriving future—and it’s a role we do not take lightly.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating—we’re thrilled to be recognized as the industry-leading Overall IoT Security Solution Provider of the Year by CyberSecurity Breakthrough. We couldn’t have done it without the hard work, support and dedication of our staff, partners and customers, who have all helped BlackBerry become a prestigious name in the IoT security field. We look forward to spearheading even greater innovation and advancements in IoT and cybersecurity in the years to come, all with the endgame of keeping the world’s enterprises and governments safe, private and secure.

To learn more about how BlackBerry manages and secures the IoT, click here.

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