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SecuSUITE: Putting Bad Actors Out of Work

SECUSUITE / 10.03.19 / David Wiseman

There are lot of bad actors out there. I’m not talking about the ones you see in Hollywood B movies. I’m referring to the ill-intentioned people and governments seeking to inflict serious harm on you, the organizations you work for, and even the country you live in. Bad actors are behind many of the malicious exploits that make the headlines all too often, from terror attacks and industrial sabotage to the theft of state secrets and intellectual property.

These rogue operators never stop thinking of new targets to hit and fresh ways to wreak havoc. One of their favorite tactics is secretly surveilling phone conversations to glean sensitive or classified information to carry out their nefarious aims. Details about everything from troop movements and R&D programs to market strategies and trades are there for the taking. The results can be devastating.

The reality is, cell phones and mobile networks are surprisingly easy to tap and are routinely compromised. Bad actors frequently erect fake cell towers and use other “man-in-the-middle” methods to intercept calls. In fact, numerous such towers – also known as stingrays – have been discovered in Washington, D.C. Another technique they use to break into conversations is pretending to be somebody they’re not – a trick known as identity spoofing. Stolen credentials can make this a relatively easy act to pull off. Think about it: How do you know the person you’re texting is really who you think it is?

Until recently, your options for stopping cybercriminals from listening in and stealing sensitive information were limited. You could use expensive, bulky specialized phones or visit a dedicated secure facility to make your calls. You could also just remember to not talk (or text) about sensitive or classified topics over the phone. All of these options, however, are less than ideal and can place severe limitations on critical missions.

So how do you keep citizens and institutions safe while still allowing for the free flow of information? The answer is BlackBerry’s SecuSUITE®, an advanced solution that enables secure communications on standard iOS and Android devices.

SecuSUITE creates a hyper-secure network connection between every user of the solution. It is a private, highly secure, end-to-end communications network. The solution features a mobile application that is simple to use and takes the complexity of specialized hardware and legacy communications systems out of the picture. Underlying the solution is BlackBerry’s secure server, SecuGATE™, which authenticates users and creates a fresh pair of encryption keys before sending the voice and data through the SecuSUITE app.

When you use SecuSUITE, you always know who you’re talking to – or texting with – because all users and devices are positively identified. The app also has an intuitive interface, delivers great voice quality, and because it’s a private, secure network, you’ll never get annoying spam or robocalls.

SecuSUITE is the perfect solution for government officials and business executives traveling to foreign countries, where the threat of cyberattacks and eavesdropping rises exponentially. Remember that today most, if not all, cross-border calls are monitored and recorded. SecuSUITE protects your communications from those monitoring systems. With the ability to integrate securely into corporate phone networks and PBXs, military personnel can use SecuSUITE to call headquarters securely using a mobile device, and government employees stationed overseas can use the solution to communicate over a secure channel with officials and executives from other nations.

BlackBerry has invested heavily in making sure the communications technology behind SecuSUITE meets the highest standards for security and reliability. It’s certified by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), approved by the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program, and complies with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). (Visit here for a full list of certifications.)

All of this helps explain why NATO’s Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) chose SecuSUITE to encrypt conversations of its technology and cyber leaders, and why many heads of state, cabinet ministers, and top government officials around the world use SecuSUITE-based technology to secure their most sensitive communications.

In a world where attacks on communications networks are escalating, SecuSUITE provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective way for governments and enterprises to safeguard their employees and advance their missions. Not only that, but it’s a great way to put bad actors out of work. 

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David Wiseman

About David Wiseman

Vice President Secure Communications, BlackBerry

David Wiseman is the head of BlackBerry's Secure Communications business unit, providing secure mobile voice communications for North American governments, with responsibility for sales, marketing and partnerships.