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Case Study: CE Manufacturer Takes on CyberSecurity

The Company

Manufacturing world-class electronic equipment requires a great deal of R&D development. The client company - a major consumer electronics (CE) manufacturer - sells consumer electronics, but their most valuable assets are their intellectual property (IP) created by their years of research. The resulting discoveries from their R&D efforts, like most IP, are highly critical to the success of the company. The client company also invests considerable resources into software development, another IP asset vulnerable to cyberattacks.

BlackBerry Cylance reached out to the company after a new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) was hired and tasked with building a security team. The timing proved fortuitous, as the new CISO had major doubts about the signature-based security deployed throughout the company. BlackBerry Cylance arranged a demonstration for the company to prove that CylancePROTECT® can prevent zero-day attacks and protect infrastructure against new and emerging threats.

The Process

BlackBerry Cylance began a limited roll-out to the company’s test lab which later expanded to include their software development systems. This was a critical step in proving that CylancePROTECT is an effective and lightweight solution that does not interfere with productivity. The BlackBerry Cylance team was told that if CylancePROTECT interfered in any negative way with developers’ systems, it would not be considered a suitable solution.

The company spent several months evaluating the performance of CylancePROTECT. During this time, BlackBerry Cylance provided both on-site and remote support to ensure a smooth transition process. By then end of the test cycle, CylancePROTECT had proven its ability to integrate well with the environment and enhance performance.

The Results

CylancePROTECT was deployed to 1,100 endpoints at the conclusion of the test cycle. The company is also entertaining plans to roll out CylancePROTECT to another 13,000 endpoints within a year. Cylance’s predictive AI driven solution performed well enough to fully replace the company’s previous endpoint security provider. This consumer electronics manufacturer now rests easy knowing their intellectual property is well guarded by CylancePROTECT – and that’s music to our ears!


INDUSTRY: Manufacturing.

ENVIRONMENT: Over 14,000 endpoints.

CHALLENGES: Protecting intellectual property without slowing down software development efforts.

SOLUTION: Adopt CylancePROTECT as the primary endpoint protection solution with an initial rollout of 1,100 endpoints, adding the remaining endpoints within one year.

The BlackBerry Cylance Team

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