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Everything BlackBerry at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show – Join Us!

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the world’s biggest technology show and kicks off in just a few weeks.  Over the past decade, this event has transformed into a showcase for automakers looking to display their next generation vehicle technologies.

It’s no exaggeration to say that nearly every major OEM attends, looking to wow the industry with their gadgets, gizmos and innovations that , could be coming to a car near you.

And while some of what’s on display is certainly far-out – think cars that scan your brainwaves or read your emotions – a lot of it is closer than you think.

BlackBerry has an enviable history of bringing concept cars that rival anything at CES, and the 2020 installment will be no different.

Come visit us at booth #7515 and see how BlackBerry is further establishing itself as the premier foundational software platform of the next generation car of the future.

BlackBerry: Intelligent Security. Everywhere.

Like everything in the age of IoT, the transportation industry is being transformed by the need to manage and secure massive amount of data. BlackBerry’s advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies leverage the power of prediction and prevention to offer the highest standards of safety, security and reliability that both automakers and consumers demand.

BlackBerry teams have been hard at work infusing the advanced AI/ML of BlackBerry Cylance into the QNX platform, currently powering more than 150 million vehicles on the road today – and while we can’t lift the curtain on all of the new technologies that will be shown at CES just yet, BlackBerry will be making a number of announcements at the show so stay tuned!

CES 2020 Speaking Sessions

Car Meets Cloud – Innovation in Launching a Premium Brand EV

Learn about pushing the EV boundaries and designing a holistic user experience, AI, Machine Learning and Cloud Technology, and how strategic partnerships are necessary to launching a premium EV (Opening Keynote: Consumer Telematics Show).

Date: Monday, January 6th
Time: 9:05am - 9:35am
Location: Planet Hollywood Resort Casino

Join moderator Roger Lanctot, Director Automotive Connected Mobility at Strategic Analytics, panelists Kaivan Karimi, BlackBerry Technology Solutions (BTS); Mikael Elley, Chief-of-Staff and CIO at Karma Automotive; Dean Phillips. Worldwide Technical Leaders for Automotive and Manufacturing at AWS.

Security Considerations for a Connected Future

As we move to a future of autonomous vehicles, smart cities and an IoT-enabled future, how do systems and players like local governments and tech innovators work together to focus on security?

Date: Thursday, January 9th
Time:  10:15-11:15 AM
Location: North Hall N258

Join moderator Hank Thomas, CEO/ Co-Founder of Strategic Cyber Ventures, and panelists Sarah Tatsis, VP, Advanced Technology Development Labs, BlackBerry and Thomas Schmitt, Global Director Cybersecurity at AB-InBev.

More to Come…

We look forward to sharing more news and updates in the lead up to CES 2020!

Visit our CES 2020 page or come visit our booth (#7515, LVCC North Hall) at CES 2020. Those unable to attend the event can still keep up with all BlackBerry’s CES announcements, updates, and coverage through BlackBerry’s Newsroom, as well as @BlackBerry on Twitter

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