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RSA Conference 2020: BlackBerry Cylance. Intelligent Security. Everywhere.

The upcoming RSA Conference 2020, February 24th - 28th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, is the perfect opportunity for your security operations teams to learn more about BlackBerry Cylance, and our innovation and leadership in security software and services for enterprises, SMBs, and governments around the world.

BlackBerry Cylance solutions keep your organization ahead of threat actors with AI-driven security tools, Zero Trust unified endpoint security architectures for “zero touch” security, and continuous authentication approaches that provide best-in-class detection, prevention and response capabilities – including threat prevention capabilities for your fleet of vulnerable mobile devices.

Whether it's at our booth N-5655, at the Intelligent Security Lounge at Samovar Tea Lounge, our networking event, in a private meeting with our expert staff, or at our featured session on the evolution of multi-dimensional attacks, we look forward to informing your team throughout the week - more details available here.

Get Your Complimentary RSA Conference Expo Pass

You can roam the RSA Conference Expo floor as a guest of BlackBerry Cylance with a FREE Expo pass ($125 value). To collect your free pass, click here and enter XS0UBLACK in the “Registration Code” field.

The BlackBerry Cylance Booth

The BlackBerry Cylance team can be found in the Expo at booth N-5655 - come by to experience demos of BlackBerry Cylance’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform offerings which provide advanced endpoint threat detection, prevention and response capabilities.

We also have a lineup of provocative in-booth speaking sessions with some of our resident experts, including:




Brent Concialdi

Securing the Mobile Attack Vector

Everyone has a mobile device today… EVERYONE. So, what does the future hold for mobile security and why should you care? How is Blackberry Cylance playing an important role in protecting this ever-expanding attack vector? We will discuss preventative measures and security precautions you and your enterprise can take to protect the mobile space.

Sameh Sabry

The Power of Cylance AI Platform with the Adaption of MITRE ATT&CK - Live Demo Session.

"MITRE." Adversaries take many steps to fulfill their goals, from gaining initial access to your environment and malicious code execution to data collection and exfiltration. Join us for a live demonstration to see the latest BlackBerry Cylance AI Platform with the adaption of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework to Prevent, Detect, Respond, and Hunt threats at different and multiple stages.

Chris Pittman

ICS Security in a Post Air-Gapped World

ICS - more than just a hot topic. Industrial Control Systems are a challenge for security policy and practice as IT security attempts to understand and adapt to OT realities. Let's look beyond the unreality of network isolation to realistic policy and technologies that can secure manufacturing environments.

Brian Freedman

Persona / Event ID 4624

Most UEBA products are built on a single assumption, which boils down to a singular event. Windows Event ID 4624, successful user login. How can you be sure and validate that is indeed the claimed user? We will discuss the pitfalls of this assumption and how BlackBerry Cylance can help.

Rick Gillespie

Secure Internet of Healthcare Things

With the ability to access medical records from any device, anywhere, in real-time, connected devices can be appealing targets for hackers. Protecting patient confidentiality is paramount. Learn how BlackBerry Cylance is securing the Internet of Healthcare Things.

Ashley Chin

You Are the Weakest Link: The Human Element in Cybersecurity

There are security measures in place to protect all aspects of our life against unforeseen circumstances (i.e. insurance for our health, home security, AV for our devices). How often are we evaluating the risk in the most unpredictable factor of all, human nature? Find out how you can develop a more holistic approach in securing your data on a day to day basis. 

Robin Sundin

From the Age of Vikings to Transhumanism in Less Than a Decade

This session will cover the experience of a cybersecurity professional in Europe over the last 20 years, focusing on the endpoint security space. 

Sara Lofgren

Women in Cybersecurity:  A Perspective

Sara Lofgren will discuss her own experiences as well as some ideas for improving the overall experience for women and increasing their numbers in the security industry.

John Herrema

From Zero Trust to Zero Touch

Organizations are challenged to strike a balance between security teams who want a Zero Trust approach and employees who desire seamless Zero Touch access. Bridging that gap is Artificial Intelligence and a Zero Trust Architecture. This session will discuss how adaptive security and artificial intelligence protects all endpoints through contextual and continuous authentication. 

RSAC Pre-Show Details

Want a sneak peek at all BlackBerry Cylance has to offer at the show, or can’t attend RSA this year? Register to attend our event preview webinar:

RSAC 2020 Webinar:
February 18, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Tune in for this first look at the exciting news and events we have planned for the RSA Conference 2019. Join BlackBerry Cylance Senior Product Marketing Manager Robert Slocum for details about what you can expect to see and experience at our booth, our networking event, and our featured speaking sessions.

Wind Down After Hours at Our Networking Event

Join us on Wednesday night as we host a networking reception for our partners, VIP customers, and BlackBerry Cylance executives. Stop by to mingle amongst your peers while enjoying cocktails and appetizers.

Where: Intelligent Security Lounge at Samovar Tea Lounge
Wednesday, February 26th from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM PST

Be Our VIP Dinner Guest

We invite you to register to be a guest at an exclusive dinner on Tuesday evening to kick off the conference. This unique thought leadership dinner features Dave DeWalt, Founder and CEO of NightDragon Security, as our host sharing his thoughts on the current state of the industry, and what to expect in the future. Seats are limited.

Where: Intelligent Security Lounge at Samovar Tea Lounge
Tuesday, February 25th at 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST 

RSA Speaking Session: Defending Against Multi-Dimensional Attacks - The Evolution of Threats

Attend our speaking session featuring Josh Lemos, BlackBerry Cylance Vice President of Research and Intelligence. Areas of discussion include, a look at the evolution of attacks, when security became a topic everyone cares about, the biggest issues in the software development community, and why offensive strategies are critical.

Where: Moscone South
Wednesday, February 26, 9:20 AM - 10:10 AM

Showcase: BlackBerry Cylance Threat Intelligence Research

We will be showcasing the release of the BlackBerry Cylance Annual Threat Report at the show, which provides an in-depth look that the lessons learned from the threat landscape over the last year as well as insights into where security teams and the organizations they serve should be focusing resources in the year ahead. You can download our 2019 Threat Report here.

Attendees can also get more information on the BlackBerry’s seminal report: Mobile Malware and APT Espionage: Prolific, Pervasive, and Cross-Platform, which examines the prolific use of mobile malware in cross-platform espionage campaigns by Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups working in the interest of China, Iran, North Korea and Vietnam, and includes details on novel threat actors, campaigns and malware families.

About BlackBerry Cylance

BlackBerry Cylance is a global leader in security software and services for small businesses, enterprises, and governmental institutions. With solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the company's goal is to secure the entire Internet of Things.  BlackBerry Cylance keeps your organization ahead of threat actors with AI-driven security tools and provides best-in-class detection, prevention, and response capabilities. BlackBerry Cylance is unwavering in its commitment to cybersecurity, safety, and data privacy, and leads in key areas such as endpoint security and management, encryption and embedded systems.  For more information, visit and follow @BlackBerry on Twitter.

The BlackBerry Cylance Team

About The BlackBerry Cylance Team

Protecting every computer, user and thing under the sun.

BlackBerry Cylance’s mission is to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun. Our unique artificial intelligence-based approach predicts and protects against known and unknown malware, fileless attacks and zero-day payload execution. We’ve stopped tens of millions of potential attacks with a system that is continually learning and continually getting better. Learn more here