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Using COTS Products to Visualize Vehicle Data and More

Have you ever wanted to visualize the data from your vehicle, whether a car, bus, boat, tractor, drone, submarine, or tank? We did too! To put it another way, if your vehicle could speak, what would it say? The challenge of listening to your vehicle and interpreting its language is no small feat.

To get to this point, there were plenty of questions that needed answering:

•  What are the hardware options available?
•  Could this be accomplished using off-the-shelf hardware?
•  Could this be accomplished with minimal software?
•  What protocols are available to send the data?
•  Can we interpret and visualize our performance metrics in real time?

In this whitepaper, we will cover some background information on vehicle data and how to interface with the vehicle to obtain data. We describe the various methods used to send data from the vehicle to the analytics platform and how we processed the received data.


Controller Area Network (CAN) bus data is at the heart of many industries such as:

•   Passenger vehicles, trucks, buses (gasoline vehicles and electric vehicles), tanks, and ships
•   Heavy machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, and other industrial vehicles
•   Industrial automation and mechanical control
•   Building automation, elevators, and escalators
•   Medical instruments and equipment such as prosthetics

By developing a flexible solution for logging and interpreting CAN data, we accomplish the following:

Performance monitoring and tuning, making the best possible products
•   Predictive failure analysis, improving overall consumer safety and satisfaction
•   Security alerting and prevention, thwarting sophisticated attacks
•   Fleet management services (FMS), providing logistics insights and efficiencies

There are endless opportunities when creating a scalable process that could be applied to solve problems in such a vast amount of industries.


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