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Facilitate Your Mobile Enterprise with BlackBerry Digital Workplace

There is no “typical” workforce these days.  Many employees work with company-issued devices, while most contractors and external vendors bring their own devices (BYOD).  At the same time, many companies are trying to eliminate the challenges of managing devices by allowing employees to use their own devices, though it’s not as secure.  Moreover, companies in acquisition situations usually have to deal with lengthy integration processes that can keep employees from peak productivity for many months. 

But what if there was a solution that overcame the challenges of network and application access with the peace-of-mind security that enterprise organizations need?  Can an organization simplify its onboarding process for employees, contractors, and vendors?  What if an enterprise organization could eliminate the cost and administrative burden of managing a VPN solution for remote employees?  And, as industries consolidate with mergers and acquisitions, is there a solution that eliminates the time-lag of the integration process? 

The answer is yes.  There is a solution that overcomes all these challenges and situations.  It’s called BlackBerry® Digital Workplace, a robust browser-based workspace with sophisticated email, collaboration, and document editing tools that works seamlessly with other productivity apps.  It’s a complete workspace that can accommodate all of your devices and endpoints, whether company-issued or BYOD. 

Along with continuous malware protection, BlackBerry Digital Workplace offers enterprise organizations these benefits:

  • Grant access to any app, any device, anywhere – to securely access web-based or legacy apps, intranet sites, files, or desktops using the secure browser.
  • Give your workers a unified, personalized workspace – for maximum productivity because all apps, tools, and company files are within reach for every employee, contractor, and vendor.
  • Maintain total control – only allow users access when CylancePROTECT malware protection is installed to prevent unsecure access.
  • Enjoy non-stop productivity – users can seamlessly connect to email, calendar, contacts, and a secure, inbuilt document editor whether online or offline.
  • Protect your business assets – with next-generation, AI-powered, continuous device security and simple password-only authentication, without the need for a VPN.
  • Simplify management – using the infrastructure of your choice to manage devices on a browser-based platform.

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Stuart Jackson

About Stuart Jackson

Stuart Jackson serves as Senior Director of Sales Engineering.