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Webinar: Safeguard Citizens and Students from Cyber Attacks

This past year, more than 100 state and local governments and educational (SLED) institutions across the United States learned how defenseless traditional endpoint protection solutions are against ransomware attacks. Despite the overwhelming trend, prevention of successful cyber attacks in the growing attack surface of connected schools and entities is possible.  

March 10, 2020 at 9:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM EDT 
Webinar length: 1 hour


Join us March 10th to learn how SLED organizations can prevent ransomware from breaching their defenses with artificial-intelligence-based security solutions from BlackBerry Cylance. During this informative webinar, BlackBerry Cylance Global Vice President of Sales Engineering Rich Thompson and Vice President, SLED Marc Doniger will discuss:

  • Security challenges facing SLED organizations and the importance of adopting a prevention-first security posture.
  • How CylancePROTECT® with SE Labs-verified Predictive Advantage stops Emotet, WannaCry, and Goldeneye from executing with mathematical models dating back to long before the ransomware was first detected in the wild.
  • Why Forrester's Total Economic Impact study concluded that CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS® endpoint protection, detection, and response solutions can deliver a 99% ROI in three years.

If you have a stake in safeguarding citizens, students, and critical operations from impact from cyber attacks, then we urge you to attend this essential security briefing.

Scheduling Conflict? No problem. Register now and we'll send you a link to the on-demand recording after the webinar ends.


Rich Thompson
Global Vice President of Sales Engineering
BlackBerry Cylance

BlackBerry Cylance Global Vice President of Sales Engineering Rich Thompson (@TheRichThompson) has decades of experience in forensics, incident response, electronic discovery, and information risk management and governance. Prior to joining BlackBerry Cylance, Rich spent twenty years in the retail industry leading security initiatives at the regional and national levels, and five years leading sales engineering and professional services organizations at enterprise software firms. Rich is proud to support BlackBerry Cylance’s goal to protect every endpoint under the sun. 

Marc Doniger
Vice President, SLED 
BlackBerry Cylance

BlackBerry Cylance Vice President, SLED Marc Doniger is a customer-centric sales executive with over twenty years of experience in the security software market. Marc’s extensive knowledge of state and local government and education customer environments, business drivers, and requirements has established him as a well-respected leader by many municipalities and organizations across the U.S.

The BlackBerry Cylance Team

About The BlackBerry Cylance Team

Protecting every computer, user and thing under the sun.

BlackBerry Cylance’s mission is to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun. Our unique artificial intelligence-based approach predicts and protects against known and unknown malware, fileless attacks and zero-day payload execution. We’ve stopped tens of millions of potential attacks with a system that is continually learning and continually getting better. Learn more here