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Don’t Compromise on Security in a Crisis

With the significant uptick in the number of employees that are now working from home, adversaries are looking to take advantage of any potential lapses in security. Organizations cannot afford to compromise on security at this critical time. They also can’t afford to stifle productivity when business continuity depends on employees being able to perform their duties without unnecessary obstacles to success.

BlackBerry provides cybersecurity software solutions that deliver proactive and predictive endpoint protection and leverage our more than 35 years’ experience in engineering security for a mobile-first workforce. Our products were designed from the start to enable productivity and security, so don’t settle for incomplete offerings thrown together haphazardly in the rush to provide solutions for work-from-home demands.

Don’t Be Constrained by the Cloud

Organizations looking for the right solutions to securely manage their remote workforce should be wary of some of the “specially packaged versions” of endpoint protection products hitting the market. These watered-down, fractional offerings of products that were never designed to secure a mobile workforce can undermine an organization’s security posture and introduce regulatory risks.

Companies offering these feature-poor products spin their dependence on the cloud as a benefit, but these product models come up short when it comes to proactive prevention due to the issues stemming from cloud-constrained capabilities. Inherent latency issues from cloud dependencies have a negative impact on efficacy, particularly for large mobile deployments that are often subject to connectivity challenges. The effectiveness of an organization’s endpoint security should never be dependent on Internet connection speeds.

Such vendor offerings tout increased visibility into events by leveraging cloud-based analytics that merely detect threats after an attack, but that visibility is reactive and can come too late to stop a breach. Such cloud-dependent defenses have serious limitations when it comes to actually preventing an attack or minimizing the impact from one already in progress, especially when a minimalist home-use version does not provide real-time response or network containment capabilities.

BlackBerry’s prevention-first solution supports a Zero Trust architecture and resides locally on the endpoint, so it is effective with zero reliance on a cloud connection. This works to the customer’s advantage by automating prevention at the endpoint in real-time where the battle to protect the device and the network is taking place. The ability to proactively interdict the kill chain locally at machine-speed makes all the difference when defending a distributed network of mobile devices outside of the network firewall.

Don’t Be Forced to Choose Between Privacy and Efficacy

Products that are cloud-dependent can also mean making the choice between product efficacy and data privacy, and this issue is compounded with remote work scenarios when considering the sensitive nature of corporate data as well as concerns employees may have when using their personal devices for work.

“Lightweight” versions of cloud-dependent security products being offered for home use may claim to minimize collection of personally identifiable information (PII), but by their very design they have to send detection-related event data to the cloud for analysis – that’s just how they are designed to work.

If you inquire about data privacy, the vendor will likely tell you that the only information they collect is merely metadata, but that metadata can also include a wealth of personal information like account usernames, filenames and file paths on the device, specific device identifiers and more. Much of this data is protected by strict regulatory mandates, so your organization will be required to obtain explicit consent from employees before the product is put into use, a significant obstacle to ease of deployment at scale.

BlackBerry products and services are designed to offer our customers a granular level of control regarding data collection for forensic examination. We go to great lengths to ensure privacy-by-design in the architecture of our endpoint agent, and we never treat our customers’ data as something to be profited from.

Because BlackBerry’s prevention-first agent resides locally on the endpoint, it has full capabilities enabled and is effective without reliance on a cloud connection. Trust is paramount for BlackBerry, and we will continue our legacy of earned trust in how we approach the security and privacy of our valued customers.

BlackBerry: Comprehensive Endpoint Security for Your Remote Workforce

BlackBerry offers a comprehensive solution to secure remote worker devices with AI-powered prevention capabilities against malware, memory-based attacks, exploits, zero-days and fileless attacks. This prevention-first protection is effective regardless of whether the devices are connected or offline, fixed or mobile, corporate-managed or BYO. BlackBerry products also provide a containerized, encrypted communications channel for connecting to the enterprise network securely while respecting the privacy of the device owner.

BlackBerry allows organizations to maintain continuous operations at scale while allowing security teams to enable the productivity of remote workers on their personal devices, assuring effective controls for the organization. Our solutions do not require the complexities and high costs of traditional VPNs or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and enable administrators to reach more endpoints faster with turnkey access to quickly onboard or offboard users.

BlackBerry offers more than a simplified “home use” version of our solutions by providing true enterprise-level security that was designed to work anywhere and offers broad OS support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS. BlackBerry solutions also offer the benefits of configurable, adaptive security policies and open APIs for SIEM and other enterprise security integrations where other whittled-down offerings for home use do not.

Secure Productivity Suites: More Than Just Endpoint Defense

Today’s mobile workforce is often a mix of full-time employees, contractors, seasonal workers and partners, so organizations need a way to enable this wider range of users to easily access firewall-protected business resources using either company-managed or personal devices.

And while security is critical with regard to managing a mobile workforce, it is often the single most significant barrier to business-critical workflows when it is bolted-on instead of baked-in. BlackBerry provides a mature platform for maintaining critical business operations with secure productivity and collaboration solutions that work with the most popular business applications and operating systems from within or outside the network.

BlackBerry’s secure, browser-based Internet gateway interface allows users unfettered access to email, calendars, contacts, documents, Microsoft Office® 365 apps, intranet-sites, cloud-based business apps and more without the need for IT to actively manage individual devices or cumbersome VPNs that diminish performance and the user experience. BlackBerry solutions also allow IT teams to easily wipe all corporate data from devices without having to maintain a complex enrollment and deprovisioning process, saving time and budget.

BlackBerry. Intelligent Security. Everywhere.

Remote, anywhere, anytime access to company resources and data is what empowers a productive mobile workforce to be successful - ensuring they can do it securely with the least complexity is what enables organizations to thrive. BlackBerry provides intelligent solutions based on a Zero Trust model that combines the right tools for the modern enterprise and a mobile workforce.

BlackBerry is trusted by world leaders and governments, the largest global banks, law firms, managed healthcare providers, investment services, and oil and gas companies as the secure mobility solution of choice. This is because we deliver smarter solutions that require less resources to support, in turn producing a better return on investment for our customers.

Contact BlackBerry to find out how we can empower your organization to securely meet the productivity needs of your mobile workforce today.

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