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BlackBerry’s Strength is Our Innovation and Integrity

CORPORATE / 05.01.20 / John Chen

At BlackBerry, we have always made it our priority to conduct business with integrity.  We take any false accusation that implies otherwise, very seriously.  The reputation of our brand, our company and our team is critically important to us and we will always work vigorously to maintain and defend it.

As a world-recognized leader in innovation – including in the areas of cybersecurity, data privacy, endpoint security management and embedded systems – we take great pride in the 38,000 patents and applications that we hold.  In this capacity, it isn’t uncommon for others to seek licensing our technology to help bolster their own products and services.  We have a long-standing history of such valued partnerships which we have built on the utmost standards.

Even as some may stoop to tactics intended to attack us, BlackBerry stands strong, knowing we have and will always maintain the highest level of integrity in all that we do.

John Chen

About John Chen

John Chen is former Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of BlackBerry.