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BlackBerry AtHoc: Return to Work Safely Guide

As economies begin to open, organizations and communities need to adapt to the new normal. An effective response to any incident, event or major crisis is based on informed decisions.

The challenge comes in building an accurate assessment of what’s happening in time to act, particularly in an environment where information spreads quickly and the credibility of sources is a concern.

Staff returning to work need time to adapt to the new normal environment. Government and public health advisories will continue to be the primary source of information.

However, we are constantly receiving multiple sources of information and this can be hard to track, monitor or even determine its authenticity.

Organizations can assist by ensuring only critical messages are communicated to staff and stakeholders. Besides communicating authentic information during this transition period, other threats continue to exist.

Your communication strategy and processes will play a critical role in keeping your employees safe while diminishing the impact of additional disruption. BlackBerry® AtHoc® helps ensure that when the unexpected happens, any reaction is coordinated in real-time – and based on a detailed understanding of all the available facts.

Welcome Your Employees Back Safely

The Return to Work Resource Kit includes the Return to Work Safely Brochure which explains how Blackberry AtHoc provides a secure unified communications platform for enabling networked critical communications and emergency notifications, both inside and outside your organization. This resource will not only help protect your most important asset – your people – it also facilitates situational awareness in your organization to help emergency authorities when called upon.

Also available are the Best Practices in Crisis Management: Communications Planning white paper which outlines crisis management plan development and considerations for enhancing overall crisis communications, and the Returning to Work: Critical Communications Strategies to Consider white paper with guidance on coordinating an effective response when it’s needed.

Download these and other valuable resources to help your organization respond to the changing dynamics of any situation and avoid further business disruption and risk to people, assets, facilities, and your supply chain.

Sabrina Forgione

About Sabrina Forgione

Sabrina Forgione is Director Channel Marketing Enterprise, at BlackBerry.