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Unified Endpoint Security: A New Approach for a New Reality

Chaos and confusion dominated the enterprise cybersecurity landscape even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing volume and variety of endpoints in organizations combined with ever-increasing cybersecurity threats put tremendous pressure on IT.

When companies implemented security solutions with burdensome requirements, employees often turned to workarounds and shadow IT.

Then the pandemic exacerbated all these challenges and revealed serious gaps in organizations’ preparedness for remote work.

Experts predict that digital transformation and remote work will accelerate in the new normal. So will the need to secure every kind of endpoint and safeguard sensitive corporate data.

To succeed in the new reality, solutions must meet the rigorous security requirements of IT leaders while also accommodating users’ desire for ease-of-use and mobility.

Unified Endpoint Security (UES) is a modern solution to these modern problems. Leveraging AI, machine learning, and automation, it provides next-generation cyber threat prevention and remediation across devices, networks, apps, and people – all without interfering with user productivity.

Bridging Zero Trust with zero touch, UES is designed for the future of work – this white paper explains how.


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