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New Features Coming from Microsoft Office 365 Aid in Identifying Malicious Spam

NEWS BITES / 08.07.20 / Natasha Rohner
Here's some good news from Microsoft: new improvements in the Microsoft® Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (APT) Threat Explorer will allow Microsoft to give users more info on spam emails detected as malicious.

In its new 365 Roadmap, Microsoft teases users by mentioning the "addition of spam verdict within Threat Explorer, so that going forward you will be able to identify if a particular email was Malware, Phish or Spam." Also announced is the introduction of "Threat Type Filter for All Email View, so that you can directly go to All-Email view and filter out the malicious emails."

Microsoft plans to roll out its new Office 365 enhancements in the third quarter of 2020. They will be available for all customers who have an Advanced Threat Protection plan in standard multi-tenant Office 365 environments.

In the fourth quarter, things get better still: Office 365 will automatically stop enterprise data theft via email forwarding. It will do this by disabling email forwarding to external recipients by default, which will be a boon to busy IT teams who may miss red behavioral flags on individual employee accounts.

Customers will also be allowed access to extra details on post-delivery actions that follow their Manual Remediation using Zero-hour Auto Purge (ZAP). Users will also be able to export the list of Top targeted Users across each view for offline analysis, according to a news article by BleepingComputer. All of this fun stuff will roll out in Q3 of 2020.

Read more about upcoming new features from Office 365:

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