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BlackBerry Partners with Sliced Tech to Host SecuSUITE, its Certified Mobile Communications Solution in Australia

BlackBerry today announced a new partnership with Sliced Tech to host BlackBerry’s secure communications portfolio, SecuSUITE® for Government, for Australian government and enterprise customers. Sliced Tech, an Australian managed services provider, delivers the highest level of security and assurance in its certified gateway and cloud services.

As communication interception techniques become more sophisticated, governments around the world are seeking capabilities to prevent the leaking of confidential communications. This increased cyber risk is compounded by the wholesale shift to remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, signaling an urgent need for secure communications solutions. Relied on by organizations across the globe, including NATO and Five Eyes countries, BlackBerry SecuSUITE for Government will now be available to all levels of Australian government to secure their mobile communications.

SecuSUITE has been certified in accordance with the Common Criteria, assuring government agencies of the security of their mobile communications. This is critical, as senior levels of government must be confident their classified verbal and messaging communications are completely secure – wherever they may be in the world.

Sliced Tech will provide BlackBerry’s proven secure and trusted SecuSUITE portfolio as an Australian hosted managed service to government agencies. This new partnership with Sliced Tech will address data sovereignty concerns, enabling a broader range of customers across government and enterprise to access SecuSUITE.

“Malicious actors can intercept communications at multiple points in a mobile communication path or spoof identities to uncover sensitive information,” said David Nicol, Managing Director, IoT Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan, BlackBerry. “This is why it is critical to provide a private communication network that works globally with standard mobile devices. BlackBerry is pleased to partner with Sliced Tech to leverage their highly secure cloud platform and compliance with Australian Government guidelines to address customer concerns and responsibilities.”

Sliced Tech’s hosted BlackBerry SecuSUITE Service provides a fast to deploy, resilient and high-performance solution at a fixed cost. Sliced Tech plans to make the new service available for IT service providers to offer as part of a broader suite of managed services for government and enterprise customers.

“We chose to partner with BlackBerry because its SecuSUITE solution meets our customers’ needs for secure mobile communications, with an outstanding user experience,” said Jason McClure, CEO, Sliced Tech. “As geopolitical tensions continue to rise, our customers are looking for solutions that minimize cyber risk and address their data sovereignty concerns. BlackBerry's extensive experience providing secure communications solutions to governments globally, combined with our locally hosted, secure government community cloud services, give us confidence in the strength of our joint sensitive communication offering.”

To learn more about how BlackBerry SecuSUITE for Government provides secure voice and messaging for enterprises and government, please visit

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