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Case Study: Empowerment Through Information – How TAM-C Solutions Helps Clients Weather Any Storm

BLACKBERRY ATHOC / 09.14.20 / Jae Kim

Many of us are struggling to make it through COVID-19, a pandemic for which there is still no clear end in sight. Even as many regions attempt to reopen, we still face the grim prospect of an economic recession. To make matters more complicated, the threat of additional waves hangs perpetually over our heads.

TAM-C Solutions exists to help organizations prepare for – and make sense of – events that can be disruptive to business. Founded in 2003 and based on organizational leadership’s experience in business continuity, threat monitoring, and law enforcement, TAM-C Solutions is a global intelligence and risk management firm supporting both the private and public sectors. Leveraging a proprietary analytics platform and a team of battle-tested specialists, the company keeps its clients prepared by providing actionable intelligence on all manners of threats and challenges.

“We’re always managing some type of crisis somewhere in the world,” explains Aaron Richman, the company’s CEO. “The pandemic sent that into overdrive for us, and the riots and protests have only further exacerbated things. Before, we were sending out approximately 200 dispatches a day – we’re now well past 500, going out to hundreds of endpoints.”

Given the nature of its work, TAM-C needs to be proactive in everything it does. Clients must be notified of potential threats and hazards the instant they’re on the firm’s radar. Even a brief delay can disrupt a client’s operations, which can be a crisis in and of itself.

“When COVID-19 first began to spread, we had to coordinate extractions out of South America as flights into North America and Europe were being shut down,” Richman recalls. “We needed to coordinate with our people in the field and our Operations Center, to get employees of our clients to charter jets and U.S. Embassy Flights both immediately and simultaneously. Even a brief delay could have caused critical personnel to be stranded.”

Because Richman and his colleagues are constantly looking for tools that might improve secure lines of communication, they recently set out to deploy a crisis communication tool. It didn’t take them long to choose the BlackBerry® AtHoc® solution. Trusted by multiple high-security organizations globally to unify their crisis communications, BlackBerry AtHoc enables seamless, multi-modality, two-way alerting.

“None of our clients specifically asked us to deploy BlackBerry AtHoc – they didn’t need to,” explains Richman. “Part of our work involves anticipating their needs. A more effective means of distributing targeted alerts is something we’ve been looking into for quite some time, but until AtHoc, we did not find a solution that meshed with our tactical environment.”

Through BlackBerry AtHoc, TAM-C fulfills a critical functionality. It streamlines workflows within the organization’s security operations center, enabling staff to convey information precisely where it needs to go in moments. Perhaps more importantly, it provides TAM-C’s clients with the comfort of having their intelligence handled by a brand that’s well known for security.

“Most of our clients are already aware of AtHoc,” explains Richman. “Many of them actually use the solution themselves, and they’re excited because they see the connection between our GSOC and the AtHoc platform. They also recognize the BlackBerry brand as synonymous with security, and as having a reputation that other brands simply don’t.”

Particularly given current events, effective communication is critical. TAM-C Solutions understands this. Without information, it’s impossible to make sense of the world or keep one’s organization and employees out of harm’s way.

Learn more about the BlackBerry AtHoc Crisis Communications System.

Jae Kim

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