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BlackBerry Achieves First-Time Placement in Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers Report Ranking as a ‘Strong Performer’

I’m pleased to announce on behalf of BlackBerry that we achieved our first-time placement in “The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020”* report, named as a Strong Performer.

Forrester evaluated BlackBerry Spark® Suite and gave it the highest score possible in Device Security, a criterion within the Current Offering category. We believe this is a positive recognition of how seamlessly companies and clients have been able to utilize our highly secure platform-based offerings during the COVID-19 pandemic, to bridge and secure the gap between remote work and office work as the challenging months of 2020 have progressed.

Understanding the Forrester Wave Methodology

If you work in technology or security, you know that the Forrester Wave is the industry’s guide for buyers considering their purchasing options in the technology marketplace.

To offer an equitable process for all participants, Forrester follows The Forrester Wave™ Methodology Guide to evaluate participating vendors. In their 19-criterion evaluation of Zero Trust platform providers, Forrester identified the most significant vendors in the extended ecosystem platform providers space, and researched, analyzed, and scored them.

The Forrester Wave Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020 report shows how each provider measures up, and helps security professionals select the right one for their needs. The report outlines how remote workforce security and ease of use are key differentiators, noting that “vendors that can provide a secure remote workforce, Zero Trust mission completion, and easy-to-use technology position themselves to successfully deliver true Zero Trust to their customers.”

What is Zero Trust?

I’m proud to say that BlackBerry also received the highest possible score in the Zero Trust Extended Advocacy criterion. Says Forrester of BlackBerry, “The vendor is highly differentiated from others in this evaluation and has a clear message focused on enabling a Zero Trust strategy. Customer references note the vendor as having a clear message and understand precisely how the vendor solution will allow them to become a Zero Trust enterprise.”   

BlackBerry has long championed the concept of building Zero Trust into our security solutions. The Zero Trust security model trusts nothing and no one by default—including users inside the network perimeter. Every user, device and network are assumed to be hostile. In Zero Trust security, no user can access anything until they prove who they are, that their access is authorized, and they’re not acting maliciously.

Forrester explains that Zero Trust is “not just about firewalls anymore; the post-COVID-19 world demands that organizations employ this critical strategy that focuses on the bigger picture.”

Says Forrester, “BlackBerry brings an innovative approach to Zero Trust. While other vendors in this space have taken a position of working to employ micro-segmentation and end-user security at the big infrastructure or endpoint level, BlackBerry has found innovative ways to deploy Zero Trust through containerized workspaces.”

What is BlackBerry Spark Suite?

The BlackBerry solution evaluated by Forrester, BlackBerry Spark Suite, enables dynamic threat response on devices, and aligns with the Zero Trust device pillar.

BlackBerry Spark enables a Zero Trust security environment that is focused on earning trust across any endpoint, including desktop, mobile, server and IoT. It continuously validates that trust at every event or transaction, authenticating users to deliver a Zero Touch experience that improves security with no user interruption.

While other solutions address parts of the problem, BlackBerry Spark provides a total solution for Zero Trust with full coverage across the full spectrum of devices, network, apps, and people.

BlackBerry + Zero Trust: Securing Endpoints, Companies and People in the Modern Enterprise

The Forrester report states in their profile that, “the days of the enterprise user jumping on their BlackBerry device to send emails may be gone, the days of BlackBerry as a key Zero Trust platform have just arrived. Enterprises looking for easy-to-use Zero Trust capabilities built into a browser-based solution should seek out BlackBerry’s technology stack.”

Here at BlackBerry, we are proud to be leading the way with a single platform for securing, managing and optimizing how intelligent endpoints are deployed in the enterprise, enabling our customers to stay ahead of the technology curve that will reshape every industry.

We believe that our achievement of the top score possible in the Device Security criterion validates BlackBerry’s far-reaching vision to secure and protect all enterprise users and devices, even BYOD laptops and smartphones, with AI-enabled security. Learn more about our innovative approach to Zero Trust and read the Forrester Wave™ report HERE.*

*Report is available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.

Nigel Thompson

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