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Ready for Anything, Episode 2: Keeping Employees Safe During Critical Events

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As the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip, organizations around the world are battling serious business continuity challenges and reimagining established ways of working.

For business leaders, their ability to effectively communicate through crisis—to keep employees safe and business running—has been put to the ultimate test.

With corporate policies and public health guidance changing week-to-week, the number one expectation from employees is that their employers communicate effectively. Yet, a recent survey by data analytics firm Alight revealed that only 42% of employees think their company does that well.

As your workforce adjusts to permanent remote operations, pivots back to on-site work or transitions to a hybrid model, the latest episode of our podcast Ready for Anything is here to help make sense of things.

Tune Into Episode 2 Today!

In under 30 minutes, we tackle the complex challenge of protecting employees no matter where they're working. Because, in the current crisis—and whatever comes next—knowing how to communicate properly and keep your workforce safe is key to survival.

As always, we’re joined by leading experts in emergency management who help us understand a complex situation that’s testing even the most robust business continuity plans.

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What You’ll Discover

In episode 2, we unpack some big questions, such as: how can organizations help employees adapt to the new world of work while communicating everything they need to know to stay safe? And what happens when internal communications fail during critical events?

Joining us to share insights from years of experience in the field is Dr. Jack Rozdilsky, Associate Professor at York University in Toronto. A former hazard migration planner, Dr. Rozdilsky teaches emergency management at York and is actively involved in post-disaster field research.

He says organizations can make a lot of mistakes when rolling out business continuity communications. Now, as they come up against the health and safety issues of returning to work during the pandemic, avoiding those communication missteps is key to mitigating risk.

Dr. Rozdilsky shares his advice for establishing trust and confidence through pandemic communications and discusses what employees expect from their employers during critical events like the one we’re facing now.

Our second guest, Laura Beattie, builds on that insight with practical strategies she’s collected through almost 20 years of experience in the environment, health and safety space.

As Director of Enterprise Business Continuity Management and Global Environment, Health and Safety here at BlackBerry, Beattie has been at the forefront of emergency response through several critical events, including the current pandemic.

One of the biggest challenges she sees in business continuity happens when companies don’t have well-tested plans or dedicated expertise on staff that can be quickly activated during critical events.

In response to these obstacles, Beattie shares tested methods for strengthening communication and establishing collaboration across multiple sites if and when the unexpected happens.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re interested in keeping your team safe during a crisis, whether as a business leader or an employee, this podcast is for you. Check out the full episode for all the details, on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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