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Webinar: BlackBerry Security Briefing: Data Privacy in 2021

How can the privacy and confidentiality of personal data be preserved in an era when every online interaction leaves a digital trail, and the pandemic has migrated our daily lives online? 

Join us on January 28th when BlackBerry celebrates Data Privacy Day 2021 by hosting a security briefing on the importance of personal privacy during and post pandemic.

Among other topics, our BlackBerry data privacy experts will discuss:

  • The link between privacy and innovation
  • BlackBerry’s assessment of the most serious threats to data privacy, security, and integrity that individuals and organizations will face this year
  • Key strategies organizations should employ to assess and enhance their data privacy posture
  • The importance of developing a privacy-aware organizational culture 

If you are concerned about your own digital privacy, or have professional responsibilities for collecting, managing, or securing organizational data, then you won’t want to miss this essential briefing.

Webinar Date: January 28, 2021
Watch the On-Demand Webinar Now


David T. Blonder

Senior Director, Legal Counsel, Regulatory & Privacy & Data Protection Officer at BlackBerry

David Blonder serves as Chief Global Regulatory and Privacy Counsel and as BlackBerry's Data Protection Officer. He leads antitrust (M&A, business counseling) and manages other regulatory (CFIUS, US Federal Regulatory) functions. He has practiced antitrust law in private firms and as a Trial Attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Fiona Q. Nguyen, Esq., CIPP, CIPT
Senior Legal Counsel, Privacy at BlackBerry

Fiona Nguyen is a Privacy Senior Legal Counsel at BlackBerry, having worked in the legal industry since 2011, assisting clients on a broad variety of legal matters. Fiona has helped Fortune 500 companies conduct cyber risk and privacy impact assessments as well as build global privacy programs from the ground up, to adapt to the changing legal landscape.

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