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Why a New Approach Is Needed for Managing Critical Events

We have entered an age of synchronicity, in which seemingly unrelated critical events converge and influence one another in ways that are both complex and unexpected.

No one could have predicted in 2019 how a “pneumonia of unknown etiology” in Wuhan, China, would lead to a pandemic that has decimated the global economy, and taken more than a million lives. Nor could anyone have anticipated how the pandemic would subsequently complicate efforts in California to fight wildfires, affect a presidential election, or spawn a massive global surge in all forms of cyberattacks.

These events – and the trends they represent – signal the emergence of a new kind of threat environment. The implications for business owners and crisis and incident response professionals are likely to be profound and long lasting.

Learn how BlackBerry can help by downloading our new white paper, Meeting the Crisis Communication Challenges of an Expanding and Increasingly Complex Threat Environment.

Topics include:

  • Why it will become increasingly difficult for response teams to anticipate how their plans and processes will be affected by external factors, or to approach critical events as discrete, isolated incidents.

  • Effective strategies for managing natural disasters and other critical events against a backdrop of long-term threats to world stability that include current and future pandemics, cyberattacks, political divisions, and economic and social disruptions.

  • Key capabilities to consider when evaluating emergency mass notification systems (EMNS) and critical event management solutions (CEMS).

  • How BlackBerry® AtHoc® is enabling clients to enhance their resilience and meet their duty of care commitments by managing critical events in a timely, efficient, and responsible manner.

Click here to download your copy today.

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Ryan Burrus

About Ryan Burrus

Ryan Burrus is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at BlackBerry.