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IBM Security and BlackBerry: AI Advances to the SOC

Is alert fatigue and security stack noise interfering with your efforts to keep the environment secure?

The IBM Security and BlackBerry: AI Advances to the SOC on-demand webinar introduces powerful new tools that simplify threat discovery and response.

BlackBerry is extending its BlackBerry Cyber Suite ecosystem to improve SOC capabilities with an advanced integration into IBM Security QRadar® SIEM that is available now on the IBM Security AppXchange.

BlackBerry utilizes deep learning AI models to prevent malware attacks and brings the threat information and endpoint telemetry into IBM Security QRadar® for security analysts to simplify threat hunting and prevention through a single pane of glass.

The integration brings AI to the SOC and accelerates incident response through real time visibility of malware threats proactively blocked by BlackBerry® Protect and deeper detection forensics by BlackBerry® Optics all within the QRadar console. Security analysts can view all threat events associated with an endpoint or quarantine them directly from QRadar and appreciate efficiency improvements through features such as hovering over an event and right-clicking for context-based remediation actions.

Security analysts appreciate efficiency improvements and BlackBerry and IBM Security provide that with contextual information and actions within QRadar by hovering over an event in QRadar for additional endpoint or threat insights and right clicking on the event for context-based remediation actions.

These features result in an intelligent and responsive SOC solution from IBM Security and BlackBerry.

Reduce the frustration, confusion, and response paralysis caused by monitoring too many consoles providing false alerts and irrelevant data. Learn to simplify your workload and streamline your threat response by watching the IBM Security and BlackBerry: AI Advances to the SOC on-demand webinar.



Chris Coburn, Technical Enablement - Business Development, IBM Security

Chris Coburn has been with IBM for over six years. He leads the enablement operations for business partners around the new IBM Security App Exchange. He is also responsible for running app development workshops, supporting partners and is an integral part of the IBM QRadar roadmap team.




Jasmin Mulaosmanovic, Product Management Director, BlackBerry

Jasmin has been with BlackBerry for over 13 years. Most recently he was involved in establishing of the BlackBerry partner integrations team, which delivered the advanced QRadar SIEM integration.




Brennan Lynch, Director, Global Technical and Cloud Alliances, BlackBerry

Brennan has over 20 years of cyber security business development experience. He leads the technical integration program for the BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Security (UES) product segment in addition to managing the BlackBerry AWS Marketplace relationship.



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