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Maximizing Asset Utilization Technology with BlackBerry Radar

The transportation and logistics industry is facing a major challenge when it comes to acquiring additional trailers, containers, and chassis – there is a shortage of assets due to manufacturing issues associated with COVID-19. The entire industry must maximize utilization of existing assets to ensure capacity is maintained – or even expanded – to meet ever-increasing demands.

With limited options for more trailers, containers and chassis, companies have no choice but to optimize existing assets more effectively. BlackBerry Radar® enables companies to maximize utilization across the entire fleet through better visibility shown in an easy-to-understand and customizable dashboard. Read on to find out about BlackBerry Radar fleet optimization and trailer tracking solutions.

Benefits to Maximize Asset Utilization

BlackBerry Radar is a leader in helping transportation businesses optimize their asset utilization. Advantages of choosing one of our asset-tracking solutions include:

Increase Asset Utilization

  • Real-time GPS location for asset visibility
  • Quickly identify idle and under-utilized assets
  • Measure trailer and container cargo utilization

Reduce Costs

  • Understand cargo status
  • Automate yard checks
  • Fast and easy solution installation

Differentiated Service Offerings

  • In-transit cargo tracking visibility
  • Improve asset pool management
  • Get arrival or departure alerts

Overall, BlackBerry Radar improves operations by allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimizing driver and fleet manager time.

How Asset Utilization Works

The clear goal of asset utilization is to maximize business operations by getting the necessary data to understand where assets are and how they are being used. By doing so, companies can reduce business expenses and increase revenue. 

As an example, a company with 1,000 trailers needs to expand its business to meet a growing demand. They have calculated that approximately 100 new trailers are required to fulfill their new contract. With the current shortage of trailers, however, there is no ability to purchase new trailers to expand their fleet. If using BlackBerry Radar as their solution, they could see the current utilization of their 1,000 trailers and clearly understand where they are not using full capacity and amalgamate loads where appropriate. If this business could find just 10% additional capacity across their 1,000-trailer fleet, they would have the equivalent of 100 trailers’ incremental capacity without spending a dime on new trailers. The visibility of fleet utilization by using BlackBerry Radar can be realized as soon it is installed on the assets.

Once installed, BlackBerry Radar immediately begins to collect data for a variety of metrics, including mileage, trip reporting, door open/close, container on/off, GPS location, and cube space utilization. Viewing this data is as simple as logging into your BlackBerry Radar dashboard where you’ll find extensive reporting to manage assets more effectively. The dashboard can be customized and our data visualization technology allows you to get the real-time information you need at a glance.

When managing your fleet with BlackBerry Radar, you’ll gain the knowledge to make data-driven decisions that improve cargo and trailer operations and fleet utilization. BlackBerry Radar reports and tools include:

  • Automated yard check
  • Fleet utilization
  • Dwell and detention
  • Mileage
  • Cargo utilization
  • Timeline view, including 24-hour, 48-hour, and custom views
  • Dynamic asset finder link
  • Real-time customizable alerts and geofences
  • Satellite and map views

Get Started with BlackBerry Radar Today

Contact the team to request a demo, quote, or learn more about how BlackBerry Radar can improve fleet management with cargo and trailer tracking. 

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