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Benefits of BlackBerry Radar for Intermodal Container Tracking

The container tracker capabilities of BlackBerry Radar® make it an ideal solution for intermodal transportation, allowing users to understand and optimize their fleet usage with low maintenance, scalable container monitoring.

Limited visibility to container status and location leads to wasted time searching for available containers, which often has the potential to cause companies to purchase new equipment that isn’t really needed. BlackBerry Radar provides real-time information to show how containers are being used and when you know your containers’ location, status, and utilized cube space, you can better manage your business.

BlackBerry Radar is a leader in providing intermodal container tracking for a variety of reasons:

  • BlackBerry Radar can be installed on a container in just 10 minutes.
  • The solution is reliable, low maintenance, and long-lasting – making it ideal for the intermodal industry.
  • BlackBerry Radar is a self-contained ruggedized device, which means there are no external wires, and no charging is needed.
  • Get location, mileage, trip start/stop, and door open/close readings all from a single device.
  • BlackBerry Radar is designed to be scalable to additional wireless sensors, including the BlackBerry Radar® Cargo Sensor for load status, cube space utilization, and environmental readings.
  • BlackBerry Radar has device placement options for discreet installation without compromising connectivity or location accuracy.
  • Make data-driven decisions with advanced cargo sensing to maximize container loading and enable efficient asset pool management.
  • Driver time is optimized with accurate location and load status.
  • Event-based visibility into container status, GPS tracking, and tamper alerts can reduce equipment theft, and improve security as well as recovery.

BlackBerry Radar products are the result of deep industry research, making them purpose-built for the needs of the transportation sector.

How Intermodal Container Tracking Works
BlackBerry Radar is a next-generation monitoring solution for non-powered intermodal assets like chassis and containers. Installation is easy—no training or experts are needed. Even better, installation can take as little as 10 minutes, so there’s minimal asset downtime required to install BlackBerry Radar devices. It’s simple to coordinate the solution roll-out across one’s fleet of assets.

After a BlackBerry Radar device is installed, it will immediately begin to collect data on GPS location (within geofence or on the road), door open/close, container on/off, and cube space utilization. Users can log into the BlackBerry Radar dashboard for reporting and management, where there are options to pull customized reports and data visualization tools to get the information needed, at a glance.

BlackBerry Radar allows you to make data-driven decisions that improve your business operations with a wide range of reports and tools, including:

  • Automated yard check
  • Fleet utilization data
  • Dwell and detention information
  • Mileage
  • Cargo utilization reporting
  • Timeline views, including 24-hour, 48-hour, and custom options
  • Dynamic asset finder link
  • Real-time customizable alerts and geofences
  • Satellite and map views

Get Started with BlackBerry Radar Today
If you’d like to request a demo, a quote, or learn more about how BlackBerry Radar can improve your operations, contact us today at 1-844-239-4572 or email us at

David Myers

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David Myers is Director of Product Marketing at BlackBerry Radar.