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Critical Event Management Insights from BlackBerry

Featuring Guest Speaker:
Dr. Alison Brooks, IDC Research Vice President of Worldwide Public Safety

April 28, 2021 at 12 PM PT | 3 PM ET

Organizations have always faced risks from natural, technological, and human-caused critical events, but not to the extent and frequency being seen today. Between 2000 and 2019, the number of recorded natural disasters doubled from roughly 200 to 400 per year, averaging 380 annually over the past decade. Since 2000, natural disasters have racked up global economic losses of nearly $1.4 trillion and disrupted the lives of some 1.7 billion people worldwide. 

When the COVID-19 lockdowns began in March 2020, global network outages jumped by 63% and successful ransomware attacks increased 62% over the year before. Since then, thousands of government entities and Fortune 500 companies have been exposed to SolarWinds supply chain attacks and tens of thousands more to nation-state attacks on Microsoft® Exchange Servers.

In today’s threat environment, organizations need next-generation Critical Event Management (CEM) systems that reduce risk exposure and enhance operational resilience.

Join us on April 28th, when David Wiseman, BlackBerry Vice President of Secure Communications, and guest speaker Alison Brooks, IDC Research Vice President of Worldwide Public Safety, share best practices for managing critical events. 

Among other topics, David and Alison will discuss:

  • The planning and processes required to successfully manage the Prepare, Respond, Recover, and Continuously Improve stages of a critical event.
  • Why critical event communications should be seamless, consistent, and integrated across multiple channels.
  • The role CEM plays in helping organizations achieve their goals for digital transformation.
  • How to assess next-gen CEM system capabilities for risk assessment, sustainability, scalability, accountability, automation, and employee satisfaction and productivity.

If you have a stake in enhancing your organization’s resilience and continuity programs, we urge you to attend this essential management briefing.

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David Wiseman
Vice President, Secure Communications, BlackBerry

In his role as the Vice President of Secure Communications at BlackBerry, David’s responsibilities include product marketing for critical event management, secure communications, and BlackBerry® QNX®. He specializes in applying technology to real-life, mission-critical business systems with a focus on communications, security, and safety. David and his team support BlackBerry customers in understanding how technology can effectively help with their business requirements.

Dr. Alison Brooks
Research Vice President, Worldwide Public Safety, IDC

As Research Vice President for IDC’s Worldwide and U.S. Public Safety practice, Dr. Alison Brooks focuses on public safety and first responder research and advisory services, with a specialization in Smart Cities and Communities. Dr. Brooks’ research provides detailed analysis on the digital transformation of public safety and first responders, covering topics such as digital evidence management, integrated physical security solutions, intelligence-led policing, advanced analytics, video surveillance and visualization, first responder communications, and alternative policing frameworks. Dr. Brooks has held several positions with IDC over the past 15 years, including IDC Canada’s Director of Public Sector Research.

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