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Three Ways to Use GPS Tracking Analytics to Improve Profitability

GPS tracking gives a better picture of a fleet’s performance, but the benefits go beyond improved asset management. Asset tracking systems like BlackBerry Radar® can also increase your business’ profitability. Read on to learn a variety of valuable ways customers are using our GPS tracking devices to maximize their ROI.

Decreased Risk of Theft

Trailers and containers are frequent targets for thieves. With the BlackBerry Radar solution’s near real-time tracking information, you can receive notification of tampering, unusual activity, or quickly recover assets if they are stolen. The BlackBerry Radar technology allows you to set up notifications if a trailer, chassis, or container is going off-route, or is in unacceptable areas. These alerts allow you to call your driver – or the police – increasing the chances of quick prevention, or recovery before theft, vandalism, or other damage occurs.

Lowering the risk of theft has other benefits as well. Most insurance companies will lower premiums, sometimes up to 30%, when a policy holder uses GPS tracking devices. Insurers know that with a tracking system, there’s a higher likelihood of recovering assets if they are stolen.

Optimized Performance and Productivity

GPS tracking systems improve business performance across the board. With real-time reports on location, delivery status, and other critical information, drivers can focus their time on delivering products, rather than searching for available equipment. BlackBerry Radar customers report saving up to 30 minutes per day, by eliminating wasted time. The need for paperwork is also reduced and reports from the BlackBerry Radar dashboard can replace many manual processes.

Dashboard data benefits your fleet and cargo optimization efforts. The ability to run reports with ease means that you can make continual improvements to your operations; because BlackBerry Radar collects up to 100 times more data than other GPS asset trackers, you’ll have all the information necessary to make informed decisions for your business. You can:

  • Assess and understand how your assets are being used
  • Bill on actual asset usage
  • Improve the accuracy of financial forecasting
  • Optimize worker productivity
  • Grow your operations without buying or leasing new assets
  • Improve maintenance scheduling

Each of these reduces waste, increases revenue, or both, improving your business’ bottom line.

Provide Better Customer Service

With GPS tracking, you’re better able to keep tabs on your fleet and your shipments. Instead of giving vague answers to customers inquiring about their orders, a GPS tracking system allows you to tell them exactly where their item is and when to expect arrival.

BlackBerry Radar gives you the ability to create a customized dashboard based on your unique needs. For delivery services and businesses that involve shipping items to consumers, you can build a dashboard that gives you accurate, real-time tracking information at a glance. Fast, accurate answers mean improved service and satisfied customers.

Learn More About GPS Tracking with BlackBerry Radar

If you’d like to learn how BlackBerry Radar can increase your business’ profitability, contact us today to get started with a free evaluation.

Christopher Plaat

About Christopher Plaat

Christopher Plaat is Senior Vice President & General Manager, BlackBerry Radar