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BlackBerry Gateway: the AI-Empowered Zero Trust Network Access Solution for Network Security

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of BlackBerry® Gateway, an AI-empowered Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution. Enterprises face a challenging environment as cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated and pervasive, while the numbers of connected enterprise endpoints grow and cloud migration accelerates. A comprehensive security approach to both endpoint security and network security is essential to protect against and remediate cyber-threats.

BlackBerry Gateway has been built with a Prevent First and Protect First approach, by allowing remote users to establish secure network connectivity from any device, managed or unmanaged, to any app, public or private cloud across any network, managed or unmanaged, and is poised to transcend to deliver artificial intelligence (AI) Assisted Threat Detection and Autonomous Remediation.

BlackBerry Gateway is integral to the BlackBerry® Cyber Suite and BlackBerry Spark® Suites, enabling enterprise SecOps and NetOps team to orchestrate Extended Detect & Respond (XDR) as the BlackBerry Zero Trust architecture leverages telemetry data across app, endpoint, network and user, thereby laying the foundation for a high efficacy zero touch and Zero Trust experience.

How Zero Trust Works

Until recently, many organizations have relied on a traditional “castle-and-moat” approach to network security, where defenses surround the perimeter of the network, but once an attacker has crossed the threshold or tunneled in, they are completely trusted. Network security experts now understand that this method is not sufficient for numerous reasons:

  • Use of cloud-based services and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications is increasing, resulting in an extended and dynamic network perimeter where much of your proprietary data is stored outside of your physical location, and more of your critical IT services reside in the cloud.

  • Sophisticated phishing and social-engineering attacks can exploit users already inside the network.

  • Using public Wi-Fi access points exposes various types of man-in-the-middle attacks, even for TLS traffic.

  • Business partners, contractors, and large numbers of remote employees need access to your organization's tools and data to do their jobs, even when they are connected to networks outside of your perimeter.

  • Performance deteriorates when you send traffic destined for cloud and SaaS services through your organization’s firewall and network.

BlackBerry Gateway enables security-conscious organizations to pursue a Zero Trust approach, while simultaneously modernizing, enhancing, and improving the network experience for end users. Every user, endpoint, and network are assumed to be potentially hostile. In Zero Trust security, no user can access anything until they prove who they are, that their access is authorized, that they’re not acting maliciously, and that the Wi-Fi or cellular network they are connected to is not compromised.

A big question for organizations is how to implement a Zero Trust network access model that is continuously secure, but still allows users to access all the resources they need without losing productivity through frequent authentication prompts and reduced connection speeds.

Our answer to this question is BlackBerry Gateway, designed to provide network security as a service from all of your endpoints and to all of your cloud access points and on-prem resources with continuous authentication and authorization leveraging multiple contexts.

BlackBerry Gateway Key Features:

  • Continuous evaluation of Internet destinations
  • Continuous identity risk analysis
  • Segmented private network access
  • Support for IP-pinned services
  • Split tunneling
  • Industry-leading tunnel technology
  • Windows® 10 and macOS® support
  • Cloud-based management console
  • Monitoring of network access and traffic patterns

BlackBerry has decades of experience securing mobile and remote workers and protects over 500 million endpoints worldwide. To learn more about how BlackBerry Gateway can secure your organization, visit us at

For more features and benefits, view the BlackBerry Gateway product solution sheet.

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