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Four Things to Know About Supply Chain Integration with New Technology and Software

When it comes to supply chain management technology, no one can afford to rest on their laurels. With technology changing and evolving at a rapid clip, supply chain managers must always have their sights set on the latest developments to remain competitive and meet the needs of their customers. Here is what you should know about supply chain integration with new technology and software.

Every Part of the Supply Chain Benefits from New Technology
There is no link in the supply chain that is not impacted by new software and hardware, which makes this an exciting time to work in the field of logistics. Finally, it is possible to have a visible, efficient, and integrated supply chain — something that is critical in today’s global economy. New technology allows supply chain managers to:

  • Process transactions more efficiently, improving the quality of information and reducing work costs
  • Improve collaboration and planning through demand forecasting, production, and distribution
  • Better serve customers through real-time order tracking and delivery coordination
  • Constantly evaluate and improve their operations with insight from supply chain analytics
  • Track assets and cargo with GPS trackers like BlackBerry Radar®

Implementing New Technology Is Easier Than You Think
BlackBerry Radar makes asset tracking simple and affordable for operations of all sizes. A BlackBerry Radar device can be installed on a trailer, chassis, container, or other equipment in under 10 minutes and these ruggedized trackers are low-maintenance and long-lasting, maximizing your return on investment. Best of all, BlackBerry Radar is a complete solution that provides reliable visibility, allowing supply chain managers and other important stakeholders to monitor location, mileage, utilization, and more from one centralized dashboard.

New Supply Chain Technology Is Mobile
The mobile revolution is not just reserved for our personal communications and entertainment — mobile technology can also be used to streamline many different points on the supply chain. There’s no need to keep detailed logs or carry piles of paperwork when information can be entered into a mobile phone or tablet, then sent to a centralized dashboard where various stakeholders can access this real-time data whenever they need it.

More Changes Are on the Horizon
We have seen countless improvements in supply chain integration in the past decade, and we anticipate that these changes will continue to occur rapidly in the next decade as well. Artificial intelligence (AI) will take data from GPS trackers and make precise algorithmic calculations as to the best routes, estimated arrival times, and strategies for improving utilization.

Robotics, self-driving trucks, drones, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will further advance integration and simplify supply chain management. Experts even predict that 3D printing will revolutionize the supply chain by offering products on-demand. Of course, the ultimate goal of all of these technologies is the same — to satisfy consumer demand with increased cost-efficiency.

Get Started with BlackBerry Radar Today
If you’d like to request a demo, a quote, or learn more about how BlackBerry Radar can improve your supply chain integration, contact the BlackBerry Radar team at 1-844-239-4572 or email us today.

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