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BlackBerry QNX Joins Railway System Suppliers Inc (RSSI) to Help Deliver Foundational Software for Tomorrow’s Rail Systems

BlackBerry® QNX® has joined Railway System Suppliers, Inc (RSSI), the largest trade association serving the communication and signal segment of the global rail transportation industry. As a member, BlackBerry will participate in railway exhibition events hosted by RSSI, attend annual membership meetings, and participate in other forums with a view to increasing awareness of and driving adoption for the company’s robust, safe, and secure embedded software solutions that are trusted throughout the global rail industry and beyond.

RSSI is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Established to promote a greater understanding among management officials within the railroad industry of the importance of the communication and signal functions and the individuals involved, RSSI now has over 280 member companies. Each year the organization holds its annual RSSI C&S Exhibition where rail industry professionals from around the world gather to learn about the latest technologies, services, and research by RSSI members.

Rail transportation is growing rapidly as trends such as urbanization, green energy, digitalization, and autonomous rail technology drive demand for modern and smart railway systems. Increased ridership and the demands of freight paired with aging infrastructures is driving investments to refurbish signaling systems, rail yards, wayside systems, operations control centers, and rolling stock. Costly maintenance of analog and legacy hardware, often from manufacturers long out of business, is creating opportunities for new software-driven infrastructures.

BlackBerry QNX works closely with its rail partners to deliver the expertise and technologies needed to help them adapt and thrive in this evolving environment. BlackBerry QNX helps rail manufacturers and suppliers develop safe and secure systems with lower costs over long product life cycles, where failure isn’t an option. With BlackBerry QNX, the company provides time-tested and trusted foundation software, which includes a deterministic microkernel real-time operating system (RTOS) and a hypervisor, and their safety-certified variants, along with other safety-certified products such as QNX Black Channel Communications Technology, middleware, and cybersecurity solutions, all purpose-built for embedded systems.

“We are delighted that BlackBerry has joined RSSI and look forward to our members learning more about BlackBerry QNX technologies and how they can help railways and rail suppliers develop their businesses,” said Michael A. Drudy, Executive Director, RSSI.

Watch this space for more updates on our work with RSSI, or learn more about the organization.

Learn more about BlackBerry QNX software for the rail transportation industry. 

Grant Courville

About Grant Courville

Grant Courville is Vice President of Products and Strategy at BlackBerry QNX.