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ThreatZERO: Prevention Made Simple with Solution Implementation and Tuning Services

BlackBerry has leveraged artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation to empower our customers to resolve challenges encountered from diverse endpoint technologies. Our Unified Endpoint Security (UES) platform allows for a true unified approach to protecting every endpoint. Our ThreatZERO® experts blend technological expertise and personalized white glove service to optimize and implement BlackBerry® security solutions, so that you get the most out of our products. Our ThreatZERO services offer a collaborative approach for clients to optimize the installation and configuration of our Cylance® AI platform.

During the engagement, our product experts provide step-by-step instructions to achieve a comprehensive software configuration that leads to the best possible outcomes for both security and operational considerations. This maximizes the return on investment and accelerates a pathway to prevention from cyber threats. Our specialized process uses proven strategies to fine-tune security feature sets before blocking modes are activated to allow safe and seamless integration into any environment: 

Why Use UES/ThreatZERO Professional Services?

ThreatZERO engagements assist internal teams with overcoming the challenges of onboarding new security software. This helps BlackBerry clients avoid the potential pitfalls of partial installations, improper configurations, internal resource constraints, lack of knowledge of product functionality, and the inability to maintain a healthy product configuration in the environment. ThreatZERO engagements:

  • Maximize Ease, Security, and Product Value:
    • Comprehensive product configuration
    • Best practices and outcome based solution
    • Accelerated pathway to prevention from cyberattacks
    • Step by step product guidance
    • Professional recommendations and tuning
    • Reduced learning curve
    • In-depth training
    • Regular interactive sessions with BlackBerry product experts

Each engagement is led by a team that includes a BlackBerry security consultant and engagement manager who works directly with the client. During weekly meetings, the ThreatZERO team provides next steps, tuning reviews, answers to questions, and assistance to ensure your success with our software. The team brings years of consulting experience and lessons learned with BlackBerry solutions from various client sizes and industry verticals.

Request a consultation with our ThreatZERO experts today.

Nate Bowman

About Nate Bowman

Global Director – Unified Endpoint Security (UES)
BlackBerry Security Services – ThreatZERO, Guard