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Why Talent is the Quickest and Smoothest Path to Building EVs

AUTOMOTIVE / 06.11.21 / Eric Kline

Electric vehicles (EVs) have become the darling of the automotive market. Everyone it seems is buying one or thinking about buying one. In response, automakers have many new EV models on the market and many more in the works.

The popularity of EVs however, obscures the fact that it’s not easy bringing them to market. The more software components in a vehicle, the more complex its development, and EVs rely primarily on electronics to control and coordinate many different sub-systems.

Building Fast, Yet Building Safe

To build an EV, software engineers must understand all the certifications involved as well as the rigorous processes that go with them. It’s a complex undertaking, especially considering tight production deadlines and budgetary constraints. This is especially true for new EV makers who may not have decades of experience and as a result may lack practical experience with safety certifications like ISO 26262.

Most EV makers simply can’t afford the time it takes for their engineers to piece together the millions of details involved in building safety-certified EV software, especially since the entire industry is expected to release new products faster than ever. In fact, the automotive development cycle, which was once three years, is getting much closer to the consumer electronics development cycle of 18 months according to a recent Managing Automotive Technology Trends survey.

The cost of homegrown solutions and extensive integration lessons is also high: at best it comes with added cost and wasted time, and at worst can lead to public mistakes and brand damage. EV makers can make much better use of their time, finances, and brand equity by using industry-trusted products and road-tested suppliers to get their vehicles to market faster.

Deep Competence and Specialized Skills

The need for rapid go-to-market execution combined with trusted reliability and vehicle safety is why EV makers consistently choose BlackBerry® QNX®. Our professional services team has highly specialized skills that help EV makers meet start-of-production (SOP) deadlines – from architecture consulting and tool selection to system integration and software certification.

Depending on customer needs, we can act as a trusted guide to produce safety-certified software through training, safety assessments, and development methodologies, as well as custom software to meet special requirements. With decades of experience under our belt, our team has faced and solved thousands of challenging problems in hundreds of vehicle makes and models, and our certification success rate is 100 percent.

Auto-Grade Software Stack

We combine this deep experience with a huge array of BlackBerry® technologies to help EV makers build their cars. Our technology portfolio encompasses operating systems, vulnerability scanning, automotive-specific components, elliptical encryption, protected communications, safety-certified hypervisors, intrusion detection, over-the-air downloads, cloud processing, safety systems, and more. We have all the key components an EV maker needs as well as the irreplaceable experience that comes from designing, creating, and maintaining those technologies – making it far simpler and faster for us to construct EV software than any other supplier.

After 35 years of building safe and secure systems, the BlackBerry® QNX® Professional Services team, combined with our technology portfolio, creates the quickest and smoothest path to safe EVs.

Just the Start

These are just a few reasons why 23 of the top 25 EV OEMs choose the BlackBerry® QNX® team and our software to help them build EVs. Download the white paper now to learn the top 10 reasons Why BlackBerry QNX Has Become a Leading EV Automotive Software Supplier.

Eric Kline

About Eric Kline

Eric Kline is Senior Vice President, BlackBerry Technology Solutions Global Sales