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Why Investing in Technology Should Be a Priority

As a business leader, you want to drive your company to great success. To do this, you must be willing to adapt and transform the way you do business – sometimes it may require you to learn and try new methods.

To keep business improving from how it operated decades ago – or even a year ago – it can be confusing, as there are so many changes and advancements in technology. Being led down the wrong path can result in decisions that could harm your business, not help it. Regardless, as the world around us continues to move forward and the expectations of customers continue to evolve, business leaders need to grow with technology and move forward or ignore it and risk the possibility of being left behind.

Investing in technology and learning new and more efficient ways of doing things should be a top priority for you and your company.

Technology Increases Your Knowledge

When you have the right technology, you have the greatest ability to reap the most benefits for your business. For instance, when it comes to transportation, asset tracking, and logistics, the technology of Blackberry Radar® lets you track your shipments throughout their entire journey. The BlackBerry Radar H2 solution for tracking and monitoring assets like trailers, containers, and chassis, can allow you to monitor your global supply chain at every stage. Using a dashboard interface, you can see where trailers and shipments are – in real-time. This allows you to make better business decisions, manage time more efficiently, meet goals, and reduce chances of asset loss.

Imagine doing that without technology. It would be tough for businesses not investing in technology to keep up with increasing demands for efficiency and visibility.

Boost Your Efficiency

Increasing your business’ efficiency is a vital part of successful growth – as is meeting the demands of your customers. After all, if you can’t meet the demands, your competitors may.

The faster and more efficiently you can run your business, the greater the productivity and the better your bottom line. Not to mention that having accurate information improves the communication between employees and different departments, to make it easier to avoid issues and bottlenecks in production.

Technology offers you the tools to be able to do all these things. Without it you may find it difficult to streamline your business.

See Your Business as a Whole

Speaking of streamlining – can you view your transportation, logistics, or asset tracking business as a whole? Right now, if you wanted to see what was going on in every step of the cargo transportation process, for instance, could you? Could you see cargo landing on the dock, cargo being loaded into trailers, or containers being loaded onto a chassis? Could you see the planned route and the asset moving on it? Could you provide your customers with an accurate time of arrival?

Business decisions don’t just impact the immediate department – making changes in one area will affect others. And what may make one situation better could lead to terrible outcomes for another. So, being able to view your business in its entirety helps you to make better decisions for the company.

Applying the right technology allows you to monitor your business from every perspective. You can make more informed decisions that can lead to greater success. 

Blackberry Radar is a Leader in Transportation Technology

When you are ready to take steps to push your business toward a successful future, BlackBerry Radar is ready with technology designed for your business to be integrated and used easily and efficiently.

Increase your technology and watch your efficiency soar.

  • Improve utilization of your assets
  • Gain real-time GPS location for asset and load visibility 
  •  Automate and understand if you are over, or under, committed customer trailer pools  
  • Know how effectively your containers and trailers are being loaded and utilized
  • Know in near real time the location and cargo load status of your containers and trailers
  • Accurately measure dwell and detention times
  • Reduce theft
  • Improve maintenance scheduling and automate yard checks
  • Eliminate unproductive miles, time, and driver frustration over finding the correct trailer
  • Reduce installation and maintenance costs
  • Capture and use data on turn times

Moving your product through your supply chain as streamlined as possible means a better bottom line for your business. Invest in the tools to make it happen – it should be your number one priority.

For more information or to get started on improving your global supply chain visibility, call (844) 239-4572 or contact BlackBerry Radar today!

David Myers

About David Myers

David Myers is Director of Product Marketing at BlackBerry Radar.