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BlackBerry Awarded AAA Rating in SE Labs’ Breach Response Test

BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Optics provided 100% prevention, 100% detection, and zero false positives. 

Today BlackBerry announced the results from SE Labs’ Breach Response test on BlackBerry® Protect and BlackBerry® Optics, its AI-driven endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) products. The combined EPP and EDR solution was able to provide complete prevention, complete detection, and zero false positive results, earning SE Lab’s maximum AAA rating for its excellent performance.

SE Labs subjected BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Optics to a range of real-world attacks designed to compromise systems and penetrate target networks. They used the same techniques cyber criminals and other threat actors use to breach systems and networks in the real world.

According to SE Labs' report, “Breach Response Test Protection Mode: BlackBerry Protect and Optics,” the products detected and protected fully against all of the threats. In every case the threats were unable to move beyond the earliest stages of the attack chain. As soon as the target systems were exposed to the threats, the attacks were detected immediately and blocked from running. This prevented them from causing any damage, including data theft.

Billy Ho, EVP Product Engineering at BlackBerry said, “The results of the SE Labs test reinforce what we’ve seen with recent ransomware attacks such as DarkSide, Conti, and REvil – that prevention-first with detection and response is the right strategy, and our Cylance AI-driven products are extremely effective at preventing and detecting breaches, even attacks that have never been seen before.”

SE Labs is a private, independently owned and run, testing company that assesses security products and services. SE Labs is able to exercise multiple areas of a product by fully replicating attacker techniques and following the attack kill-chain. Their testing is rigorous and challenging, involving 40 different attacks from four different APT groups.

"Understanding the capabilities of different security products is always better achieved before it’s needed in a live scenario," said Simon Edwards, CEO, SE Labs. “SE Labs’ Breach Response test reports help organizations assess which are the best for their particular needs. BlackBerry Protect and Optics performed admirably, providing complete detection and protection coverage against all attacks, while allowing all legitimate applications to operate. This is an exceptional result in a challenging test. BlackBerry's engagement with SE Labs shows a high confidence in its products."

Read the full SE Labs 2021 Breach Response Test Report here. To learn more about BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Optics, please visit the BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Security page.

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