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On-Demand Webinar: CISO Corner with John McClurg - The Growing Menace of Insider Threats

Insiders are responsible for 50% to 70% of all security incidents and 75% of all security breaches, according to a study by Gartner. Yet, many organizations remain vulnerable due to resource constraints, planning deficiencies, organizational disconnects, and the complex technical challenges of distinguishing routine from risky insider behavior. 

Watch BlackBerry Senior VP and CISO John McClurg, and Deloitte Managing Director, Government and Public Services Security Michael Dorsey, share their front line experiences developing insider risk management programs and best practices.

The freewheeling discussion includes:

  • A detailed assessment of today’s insider threat landscape, focusing on recent trends, risk factors, threat actor profiles, and illustrative case studies.
  • The ways in which advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies are transforming the battlespace and forcing malicious insiders to find new ways to pursue their objectives.
  • Challenges the presenters overcame conceiving and implementing the U.S. federal government’s first ever insider threat management program, in the wake of the Edward Snowden affair.
  • The employee productivity and risk reduction benefits of transitioning to the Zero Trust security model. 

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from pioneers in the field about the growing menace of insider threats, and proven risk management strategies for preventing and mitigating them. Watch the webinar now, on demand.


John McClurg CISO at BlackBerry
Michael Dorsey Managing Director, Government and Public Services Security at Deloitte
Watch the webinar now, on demand.

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