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On-Demand Webinar: “The Hidden Costs of Software-Defined Vehicles” with Automotive Leaders from BlackBerry, AWS, and SBD Automotive

Major technology leaps are transforming vehicle electronics and software-architecture requirements. Vehicles are becoming increasingly defined by their software—not hardware—being hyper-connected, and part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The automotive industry faces unparalleled change through the next decade, as automakers look to build competitive software-defined vehicles. To successfully lead or even compete, OEMs must make strategic decisions and investments today on what their business will look like in five or even 10 years. A recent whitepaper by SBD Automotive reveals that the estimated average Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for an automaker to build an in-house “intelligent middleware” solution for next-generation software-defined vehicles is $65 million (USD).

Watch Peter Virk, Vice President of BlackBerry IVY Product & Ecosystem, SBD Automotive’s Electrification Domain Principal Robert Fisher, and Principal Product Solutions Architect for AWS (Amazon Web Services) Industry Product Michael Garcia, as they share their front-line experiences and best practice approaches working with and for OEMs, as they grapple with how to deliver next-generation, software-defined vehicles in an industry undergoing a period of profound change.

The discussion covers:

  • How to approach investments with a strategic, objectives-based framework for both the overall and domain-specific technical architecture of a vehicle’s software stack
  • Why middleware is the most important tool for creating a software platform that is updateable, scalable, and portable
  • How the BlackBerry IVY™ edge-to-cloud middleware platform can reduce software development costs and streamline new product development for faster time-to-market—while also allowing automakers and OEMs to add new revenue streams and retain control over their total software stack and ability to innovate and differentiate their products


  • Peter Virk, Vice President, BlackBerry IVY Product & Ecosystem, BlackBerry
  • Robert Fisher, Electrification Domain Principal, SBD Automotive
  • Michael Garcia, Principal Product Solutions Architect, AWS Industry Product, Amazon Web Services

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from leaders in the field on how OEMs and “Tier 1” automakers can tap intelligent middleware solutions to deliver new products and services to meet changing consumer demands without sacrificing safety or competitive advantage.

Watch the webinar now on-demand and learn more with the SBD white paper.

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