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Three Things to Know About Transportation Automation and IoT

Technology in the transportation industry is constantly changing. The better prepared you are to take advantage of advancements, the greater success you can find at every point along your supply chain. The transportation we see today is not going to be the transportation of tomorrow. Increased efficiency and visibility, greater cost-effectiveness, and more are part of the future for your business. 

Automation and IoT technology in transportation can provide three key benefits:

  1. End-to-end operational management
  2. Reduce the chance of congestion and bottlenecking
  3. Decrease operational costs 

End-to-End Operational Management

With IoT automation in transportation, you get end-to-end visibility. This means you can keep your shipments moving smoothly throughout the entire transportation process. You can see up-to-the-minute status reports and make adjustments, when necessary. Plus, you get a close-up look at the trends affecting different modes of shipping, so that you understand the way in which they work, their reliability, and any variables that may impact shipment movement. 

Monitoring your supply chain and having data and insight reports all along the way can make a difference in process efficiency, reducing operating costs, and improving the system’s overall capacity. 

Reduce Congestion and Bottlenecking

For your operation to run smoothly – and successfully – you need to understand and avoid congestion or bottlenecks. Anytime something gets in the way of the processes, it can throw off your entire operation. And, of course, result in dissatisfied customers. To deter this from happening, you need to be able to view the entire supply chain clearly at every step along the way. Proactive moves can save you from devastating backups. 

You always want to be thinking ahead by integrating the latest transport automation and IoT transportation tools to help keep your shipments moving and your reliability up. 

Decrease Operational Costs 

What business owner doesn’t like saving money? Cost-effective investments can lead to a healthy future bottom line. And being able to scale resources to meet demand means less waste. IoT transportation allows for the ability to map out the most efficient routes to maximize fuel usage, track shipments at every point of their journey, and more. 

By investing in the technology of the future, you may incur an additional expense. However, when the cost is weighed against the benefit, it is evident that anything that leads to a decrease in operational costs (thanks to more efficient processes) can be a wise investment. 

BlackBerry Radar for Your IoT Transportation Needs

With so many ways to improve overall business processes, decrease operational costs, and increase efficiency, BlackBerry Radar® is here with technology designed for your transportation business needs. 

Investing in the right technology can make your organization’s efficiency soar – even when it comes to monitoring supplies that seem too tough to track, such as:

  • Trailer tracking
  • Chassis and flatbed tracking
  • Intermodal container tracking
  • Equipment tracking
  • Railcar tracking 

For more information on IoT transportation and how BlackBerry Radar can help, contact the BlackBerry Radar team at (844) 239-4572.

Christopher Plaat

About Christopher Plaat

Christopher Plaat is Senior Vice President & General Manager, BlackBerry Radar