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SE Labs Ranks BlackBerry as Best New Endpoint Protection Solution

Recognized for its prevention-first approach, BlackBerry has been rated the best new endpoint security offering for 2021 by SE Labs.

SE Labs prides itself on providing realistic and honest cybersecurity testing. The organization hires innovative researchers to replicate the most accurate ‘real world’ testing scenarios possible. As workplaces open and hybrid work brings with it a range of new attack vectors, it’s even more critical that security software be tested against these evolving threats.

“Being rated as best new endpoint solution reflects the work done by our development and engineering teams,” says Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, BlackBerry Spark Group Products. “Our Cylance AI/ML models are in their seventh generation and have analyzed over 1.4 trillion files, extracting over 20 billion features. This scale was also reflected in SE Labs July 2021 testing, where BlackBerry achieved 100% efficacy with zero false positives against recent malware. We’re excited by the continued industry and market recognition of our security solutions.”

Cybersecurity benchmarking is increasingly important, as the cybercriminal landscape has never posed more of a threat to businesses. With the cybercriminal underground increasingly operating like the business world, the desire to quickly monetize viruses and ransomware is swiftly growing. In the past 12 months alone, the BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team have uncovered what could possibly be one of the world’s largest cyber-espionage groups, as well as an ‘enterprise’ level Initial Access Broker (IAB) linked to some of the more rampant ransomware strains.

BlackBerry’s advance intelligence for endpoint security, Cylance AI®, focuses on prevention first, stopping attacks before they infiltrate systems or exploit other weaknesses.

“2021 has been the first year we have tested this product with BlackBerry publicly. When judging for our annual awards it is hard to ignore when a new, significant vendor enters our tests and performs so well from the start,” said Simon Edwards, CEO of SE Labs. “Blackberry has demonstrated excellent performance in our ‘real-world’ testing, and the product is well regarded by both our expert panel of judges and users of the product. We would like to congratulate BlackBerry on achieving the award for best new endpoint.”

Read the full 2021 SE Labs report.

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We're also proud to announce the publication of the BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team's new book, Finding Beacons in the Dark: A Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence, the industry’s most comprehensive collection of cyber threat intelligence focused on Cobalt Strike. You can download your copy for free here.  

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