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As BlackBerry IVY Revolutionizes the Transportation Market, What’s in It for Automakers?

Connected and autonomous vehicles provide a glimpse into the future, but as technology evolves to help us build the vehicles of tomorrow, so too must automakers. Created in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), BlackBerry IVY™ is an intelligent vehicle data platform empowering manufacturers in the development of connected and autonomous vehicles, and paving the way for advanced smart cities. 

As the innovative platform lays the groundwork for revolutionizing the transportation market, BlackBerry IVY is helping automakers deal with obstacles that challenge the advancement of connected vehicles.

Cloud networks, 5G, and edge computing are the foundations for new in-car experiences and revenue-generating opportunities.

However, a patchwork of legacy technology standards is presenting obstacles that are holding the industry back. These include: 

  • A non-standardized software approach, which inhibits growth and stifles innovation
  • Security threats that jeopardize data and vehicle safety
  • A lack of industry standards for data collection, processing, transmission and sharing
  • The fact that all brands and models of vehicles cannot communicate with each other

The goal of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication is to improve lives and livelihoods. Some of the benefits that may be delivered in the near future include: 

  • Dynamic traffic congestion management and reduction of harmful emissions 
  • Improved emergency services response times, and smarter transportation networks 
  • Automated parking solutions and improved traffic safety

As automakers deal with challenges to realize connected and autonomous vehicles, utilizing BlackBerry IVY can help manufacturers overcome many of the roadblocks to get safely and securely on track, so they can deliver the features and experiences promised by the vehicles of tomorrow. 

BlackBerry IVY can help your organization improve and accelerate development of connected and autonomous vehicles. Read the infographic (below) and learn more by reading the 2021 Frost & Sullivan report that named BlackBerry IVY an industry leading edge-to-cloud software platform for automakers and smart cities.  

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