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Hitting the Security Trifecta–How Managed XDR Services Are Evolving the Way We Protect Our Organizations

As cybersecurity professionals, most of us want to achieve three main things for our organizations: safety (in the form of security for our people and operations), affordability, and simplicity. In the plainest of terms, we want a solution that is easy, cheap, and effective. Today, it seems that we can choose one or two of those options, but a solution that delivers all three still appears out of reach.

If we choose to prioritize protection–as we should–vendors tell us that we must be willing to accept high costs and greater complexity to achieve it. That’s just one out of three! This is because conventional endpoint security is no longer enough to stay ahead of increasing attack sophistication and velocity from cyber adversaries.

In newer security models, standard endpoint protection (antivirus) is merely a starting point. We now need to add Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to proactively hunt and detect malicious activity, and to do forensic analysis on any attack that manages to get through our defenses. It’s becoming increasingly clear, however, that Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPPs) and EDR must be augmented with Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities, to achieve full visibility into our environment. But these added layers of protection can be costly, and for most organizations, too complicated to implement. Factor in the chronic shortage of skilled security analysts to manage these expensive and sophisticated tools, and this recipe for security success becomes a non-starter for most organizations.

What will it take to change this equation? Advances in automation and subsequent generations of development will eventually lower cost and complexity. Until then, organizations that can’t—or choose not to—commit the resources necessary to acquire, integrate and operate an advanced XDR solution on their own have another option: Look to a trusted partner.

Engaging with BlackBerry XDR

BlackBerry has developed a solution to help businesses of all sizes navigate this new and, for many, still uncharted terrain of managed XDR cybersecurity. Through a new partnership with Exabeam, the industry-recognized leader in SIEM (security information and event management) and XDR technology, BlackBerry has made a groundbreaking update to its subscription-based 24x7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, BlackBerry® Guard to now deliver powerful, affordable Managed XDR protection that is available to organizations of all sizes.

From a technology perspective, this forward-leaning offering combines BlackBerry® award-winning security solutions, with seventh generation Cylance® artificial intelligence (AI) for threat detection and prevention, and the Exabeam® security analytics and automation platform for high-fidelity alerts and cross-tool threat hunting. The platform automatically correlates data from mobile devices, servers, users, and networks, to quickly detect potential threats in real-time–all visible from a single console.

From a services perspective, the solution is managed on the client’s behalf via BlackBerry Guard 2.0 and the BlackBerry global team of managed XDR analysts and threat prevention experts, who work as a “force multiplier” for customers’ existing security and IT teams. Providing around-the-clock, multi-regional support, compliance and monitoring, the BlackBerry Guard team can also respond to threats directly, when necessary. This integration introduces telemetry to the BlackBerry analyst portal so that customers can seamlessly defend against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

With a single service offering that provides end-to-end managed XDR capabilities, BlackBerry Guard offers an empowering solution that delivers the elusive trifecta that organizations seek from their security providers: the best possible protection, in an approach that is both easy and affordable enough for businesses of all sizes to take advantage.

Learn more about BlackBerry Guard and watch the BlackBerry video on leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning in building your defenses. 
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