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BlackBerry Joins Center for Threat-Informed Defense in Global Fight Against Cyberattacks

BlackBerry is proud to join the MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defense (Center) as a gold-tier affiliate. The Center is a collaborative R&D cybersecurity organization dedicated to bringing together the best security teams in the world. The privately funded group is committed to making actionable improvements in threat-informed defense, and sharing its work publicly, at no cost.

What Does This Mean for My Organization?

The economic reality of the marketplace naturally puts barriers between competitors that can make it difficult to foster cooperation. No company wants to put its reputation, profitability, or trade secrets at risk unnecessarily, so many organizations simply avoid cooperative efforts. The Center, however, is not a competitor to cybersecurity organizations, but an ally. By creating a neutral space where cybersecurity vendors can voluntarily collaborate on common problems, the normal barriers to cooperation are removed.

The benefits the Center brings to your organization can be measured in terms of contributing to global cyber defense. Examples are found in the Center’s Impact Report, which highlights over a dozen professional training resources, tools, and platforms the Center makes available to the public. Likewise, Center affiliates can integrate these research products into their own platforms, offering organizations another avenue to directly benefit from the research.

Jon Baker, the director of R&D at the Center, stated, “The center is fully committed to bringing the community together to make actionable improvements to threat-informed defense. By introducing the affiliate program, we aim to proactively shift the community toward a more secure and safer world, while also providing affiliates with opportunities to showcase their company and solutions.”

Threat actors and adversaries have a long history of sharing their tools and knowledge, a practice that offers them several advantages. The Center counterbalances this advantage by allowing cyber defenders from innovative cybersecurity vendors to likewise pool their knowledge, resources, and talent. MITRE Engenuity has forged partnerships across the global cybersecurity community for the sole purpose of serving the public good. Informed by the perspectives and challenges faced by this community, the Center develops crucial assets to protect critical infrastructure, supply chains, and improve global cyber defense.

BlackBerry is in an excellent position to contribute to this effort. As a leader in AI-driven and mobile security, BlackBerry offers unique talents and technological expertise to the Center as a gold-tier affiliate. BlackBerry’s eighth-generation Cylance AI cybersecurity engine is trained on billions of file features to predict, identify, and prevent threats. Expanding upon this capability, BlackBerry has introduced a suite of AI-driven security tools to likewise predict and prevent network, web-based, mobile, and insider attacks. In addition, BlackBerry® Guard, a managed service, provides security analysts and tools to organizations unable to obtain their own due to a resource or skills shortage. It is the sincere hope of BlackBerry that these advances, along with the invaluable threat-related research and information that BlackBerry generates around the clock, can help the Center achieve its goals and nudge us all further toward the mission of creating a “more secure and safer world.”


The Center brings the collective capabilities of MITRE Engenuity, BlackBerry, and dozens of other organizations together to focus on a single goal–improving global security for the public good. For more information on the Center, visit the Center for Threat-Informed Defense website. For more information on prevention-first, AI-driven, cybersecurity solutions, visit BlackBerry.

Daniel Ballmer

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Daniel Ballmer is a Cybersecurity Specialist at BlackBerry.