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Improving Commercial Transportation Asset Utilization and Fleet Visibility

In a year’s time, nearly four million commercial trucks travel over 300 billion miles across North America. They are carrying primary shipments topping 10 billion tons and representing over $730 billion in gross freight revenues. Given soaring operating costs, changing regulations, and a myriad of supply chain challenges, it’s quite a lift for these fleets to deliver over 70% of the nation’s freight – safely and on time.

It’s no secret that supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on the transportation industry. Gluts of containers have been delayed at shipping docks and at sea, as organizations struggle to meet current needs amid product and labor shortages. To exacerbate the situation, demands and costs only continue to rise. Organizations involved in fleet management have been burdened to do more with less, and the lingering pandemic has only aggravated existing labor issues.

Amid the many challenges plaguing the industry, two companies recently partnered to improve asset utilization and fleet visibility for transportation organizations.

Teaming Up: BlackBerry and ISAAC Instruments

BlackBerry recently teamed with ISAAC Instruments, a leading driver-centric fleet management solution provider, to help alleviate and streamline supply chain issues in Canada and the United States. Aiming to deliver greater value in a comprehensive fleet management solution for commercial fleets, the BlackBerry Radar® multi-sensor trailer monitoring and reporting solution has been integrated within the ISAAC Open Platform. Fleet managers now have an aggregate view of current tractor and trailer operations in a single console, which enables them to better manage and automate their dispatch operations, driver messaging, and hours of service compliance.

First to Rollout: Titanium

One of the first fleet companies to fully utilize the new option is Titanium Transportation Group, a leading asset-based transportation and logistics company servicing Canada and the U.S. Titanium has deployed the integrated offering across its entire fleet of trailers and commercial vehicles.

Founder and CEO of Titanium Transportation Group, Ted Daniel, commented on the rollout. “This integration brings together two of our most important technology partners with a combined view to drive operational efficiencies across our fleet. We’re confident that we’ll see significant business benefits in the weeks and months ahead.”

The new integration will help commercial fleets boost productivity, improve asset utilization, reduce costs, and improve services to their customers. The integration of the ISAAC Open Platform and BlackBerry Radar will provide fleet owners with unparalleled visibility into their operations. This will allow better optimization of driver hours while improving trailer utilization.

ISAAC’s electronic logging device (ELD) and fleet management telematics solutions, utilized by more than 40% of the largest carriers across Canada, help fleets monitor and optimize vehicle efficiencies, including fuel consumption, engine data, driver productivity and safety, as well as hours-of-service compliance.

With the addition of BlackBerry Radar to ISAAC’s comprehensive Open Platform ecosystem, fleets have the added capability of accessing near-real-time data on the status of their trailers, chassis, or containers. In addition to location visibility and history, BlackBerry Radar also provides a range of sensor data, such as route and mileage, temperature, humidity, door open/close, and cargo load state—all now within a single user-interface in the ISAAC Open Platform.

President, CEO, and Co-Founder of ISAAC Instruments, Jacques DeLarochelliere, spoke about the integration with BlackBerry Radar. “We welcome BlackBerry Radar as an additional option to our rapidly growing Open Platform, which enables fleets to improve the driver experience as they see fit. Our goal is always to assist fleet clients like Titanium as they choose the best applications for their entire operations.”

With supply chain issues showing no sign of easing up anytime soon, having timely and accurate data that can help eliminate wasted time and effort—while improving service, the life of drivers, and the bottom line—has never been more important. With ISAAC’s strong footprint in the Canadian market, this combined offering for transportation and logistics businesses will allow our joint customers to have better coordination between their drivers, trucks, and trailers, to unlock excess shipping capacity.

Being more efficient is critical during these unprecedented times, when there are added pressures on compliance, equipment utilization and drivers. These critical supply lines are truly the lifeblood of our economy.

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