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Monti Ransomware: Is It a Doppelganger or a Pivot? (Video)

Conti and Monti: What’s the deal? They may sound similar, but is there actually any relationship between the two ransomware groups? And how worried should you be about protecting your organization from this new threat Conti?

Watch the latest episode of BlackBerry LIVE as Most Distinguished Threat Researcher Dmitry Bestuzhev and his guests unpack what the BlackBerry team discovered about Monti. For this episode of our live stream video show, Bestuzhev hosts Principal Incident Response & Forensics Consultant Ryan Chapman, and BlackBerry Principal Threat Researcher Anuj Soni.

“Evidence has revealed that this may actually not be a mockery [of Conti], but rather this may be another part of the evolution of the Conti crew,” explains Chapman.

Also during the broadcast, our guests explain:

  • The relationship between Monti and Conti
  • Tricks and tools the threat actors used to accomplish their dirty deeds
  •  How they discovered and defeated Monti
Watch the latest BlackBerry LIVE Broadcast, below.

For a deeper dive, read the full threat report here: The Curious Case of “Monti” Ransomware: A Real-World Doppelganger
David Steinberg-Zwirek

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David Steinberg-Zwirek is an Editorial Intern at BlackBerry.