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Top 11 Reasons to Attend BlackBerry Security Summit ‘22

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, we’re bringing the BlackBerry Security Summit to the New York Stock Exchange, and digitally around the world. From talks on securing the data-driven space domain to developing trends in the evolving threat landscape, here are 11 reasons why you should attend BlackBerry Security Summit 2022:

Powerful Insights from Leaders in Government and Industry

1. Look to the future with U.S. Space Systems Command, U.S. Space Force, CIO Col. Jennifer Krolikowski. She’s discussing the challenges of cybersecurity beyond our “blue planet.”

2. Join U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales (TX-23) and BlackBerry Chief Government Affairs & Public Policy Officer Marjorie Dickman in a fireside chat on national cybersecurity and defense.

3. Listen to ConvergeOne Information Security, Data Privacy & Compliance Officer, Collin Buechler, and discover how using Zero Trust can extend the circle of trust inside your organization and out to customers.

4. Hear what Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children’s Chief Information Security Officer & Chief Technology Officer James Carpenter has to say about accelerating cybersecurity maturity.

Actionable Insights on Threat Intelligence

5. Join BlackBerry VP for Threat Research & Intelligence Ismael Valenzuela as he takes us through how threat intelligence is evolving to address advances in adversary attacks.

6. BlackBerry VP for Secure Communications David Wiseman lets us in on seven communication security lessons from the war in Ukraine. Learn the best practices in risk mitigation and how to collaborate globally to evaluate and secure sensitive communications without interfering in critical operations. 

7. BlackBerry Most Distinguished Threat Researcher Dmitry Bestuzhev explains how to use cyber threat intelligence (CTI), including how to build better threat models by knowing who the threat actors are, how they operate, and why they attack specific assets. You’ll also see how actionable CTI data protects companies. 

A Look at Trends as We Head Into 2023

8. Tune in to the Top 2022 Cybersecurity Trends & Takeaways from the BlackBerry® 2022 Threat Report with BlackBerry Senior VP & CISO, John McClurg and former Gartner Sr. Director Analyst, Paul Webber. They’ll explore adversary tactics, AI, transitioning from reactive protection to preventative security, and the convergence of physical security and cybersecurity.

9. Forrester Total Economic Impact Study Findings. In this session, we’ll focus on the key findings that impact endpoint security, from both the market and customer perspectives. Key topics include: Massive growth in attacks, the “work anywhere” effect, evolving vendor landscape, doing more with less, reducing integration complexity, how telemetry is critical, and the “XDR distraction” versus the need for “prevention first.”

Moving Beyond The Buzzwords of ZTNA & XDR

10. Join BlackBerry Executive VP & CTO Shishir Singh as he unpacks zero trust network access (ZTNA). Learn how a zero trust approach can secure your business assets and deliver smarter security, greater privacy, and trusted access to any business app, on any managed or unmanaged device — anywhere.

11. All XDR (extended detection and response) solutions are not created equally. With Exabeam Chief Strategy Officer Gorka Sadowski, learn why UEBA is a critical factor to consider when comparing XDR solutions. Also learn how quality behavioral analytics enable quality detection and response to environmental threats.

Register Now for the Ninth Annual BlackBerry Security Summit, Happening Oct. 26, 2022.

David Steinberg-Zwirek

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David Steinberg-Zwirek is an Editorial Intern at BlackBerry.