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15 Hilarious Cybersecurity Memes: The Cyber Gift That Keeps Giving

Sometimes you need a cybersecurity meme for a presentation you are working on. Other times, you might need one just to get through the day!

Working in cybersecurity can be stressful, even downright dour. There’s always another malware variant running rampant, the skills gap still seems insurmountable, and malicious campaigns seem to be a dime a dozen while becoming ever more sophisticated. Even as the holiday season descends upon us once again, we also realize that this time of merry-making for many is also a favorite time for mischief-making among our cyber adversaries. So how about a few laughs as a reprieve from this onslaught of negativity?

We asked members of the BlackBerry team to suggest their favorite cybersecurity memes and here are 15 of them worth sharing.

Our Top Cybersecurity Memes

1. Believe in The Cheeto. The Cheeto will keep us safe.

(Source: Reddit)

2. All my passwords are wrong (again…)

(Source: Twitter)

3. That vulnerable look

(Source: BlackBerry)

4. Don’t knock-knock the CISO

5. No one ever appreciates true genius

(Source: SecureWorld)

6. You’re hired!

(Source: Twitter)

7. The Most Interesting Man in the World also has bad days now and then

(Source: SecureWorld)

8. Gone phishing

9. Perception is everything

(Source: Pinterest)

10. The obligatory Lord of the Rings meme

(Source: Twitter)

11. The obligatory cat meme

(Source: Twitter)

12. “Your fridge is running,” cybersecurity-style

(Source: SecureWorld)

13. The obligatory Star Wars meme

(Source: imgflip)

14. Mr. Bean knows

(Source: Pinterest)

15. Wise beyond his years

(Source: Kratikal)

If you know someone else in cybersecurity who could use a laugh — or who is working on a presentation right now — please share this post with them. Small acts of encouragement go a long way. Do you have a favorite cybersecurity meme? If so, share it with us: @BlackBerry on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.
Bruce Sussman

About Bruce Sussman

Bruce Sussman is Senior Managing Editor at BlackBerry.

David Steinberg-Zwirek

About David Steinberg-Zwirek

David Steinberg-Zwirek is an Editorial Intern at BlackBerry.