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Don’t Miss — Video Highlights From BlackBerry Security Summit 2022

BlackBerry would like to thank all our incredible speakers for sharing their expertise at the ninth annual BlackBerry Security Summit. The highly attended sessions included “Mission-Critical Mobile Security,” “The UEBA Differentiator,” “Zero Trust Data: The Next Frontier Of Cybersecurity,” and so many more. An event of this quality would not be possible without our valuable sponsors and partners. Below is a brief description of their talks. You can watch them all here - registration required.

BlackBerry and Google: A New Partnership for Innovation With UEM and Chrome

Speakers: Google Chrome Head of Partner Sales, Engineering & Services Sajed Sahni; BlackBerry Alliances & Business Development Director Steve Clarey

Description: In this talk, Sahni and Clarey discuss how the BlackBerry and Google partnership has enabled cloud-first computing with Chrome Enterprise and BlackBerry® UEM. They showcase use cases and best practices for deploying Chrome OS™ in the enterprise.

Watch the webcast - registration required.

BlackBerry and Samsung Partnership Innovation: Mission-Critical Mobile Security

Speakers: Samsung Global Alliances Manager Rodrigo Gonzalez; BlackBerry Alliances & Business Development Director Steve Clarey

Description: In this webcast, Gonzalez and Clarey discuss the innovations that have come out of the BlackBerry and Samsung partnership. This includes everything from Knox and BlackBerry UEM fundamentals, to specialized security for government, and evolving collaboration projects.

Watch the webcast - registration required.

All XDRs Are Not Created Equal: The UEBA Differentiator

Speaker: Exabeam Chief Strategy Officer Gorka Sadowski

Description: Touted as a turning point in cybersecurity’s technical advancement, XDR has become an industry buzzword. As much of a cure-all as it may seem, the efficacy of an extended detection and response (XDR) solution depends on a key component: user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). Learn how quality behavioral analytics enables quality detection and response to environmental threats.

Watch the webcast - registration required.

ISEC7 Innovations Through Partnership

Speaker: ISEC7 Managing Director, Americas, Arthur Tang

Description: A long-time collaborator with BlackBerry, ISEC7 is pleased to showcase its integration with the Cylance® product suite. ISEC7 solutions are geared to ensure that nothing in your digital workplace data supply chain is out of reach for your engineering, operations, support teams, and end users.

Watch the webcast - registration required.

Secure Mobile Communications

Speakers: Movius CTO, CISO & Evangelist Amit Modi; Movius VP of Sales Dennis Napoliello

Description: In this webcast, Modi and Napoliello discuss MultiLine™ by Movius, which helps enable safe, reliable mobile communications for businesses. Fully SaaS-based, it’s the first mobile communication platform to support voice and SMS, with the ability to automatically record both. MultiLine features seamless and secure connectivity with platforms like WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams®.

Watch the webcast - registration required.

Zero Trust Data: The Next Frontier of Cybersecurity

Speakers: XQ CTO Junaid Islam; XQ Cybersecurity Consultant Cleve Adams

Description: This webcast is a panel discussion on three topics. The first is zero trust data: What it is, and how does it differ from traditional cybersecurity? Second, the panel discusses how zero trust data is needed for business, the essential abilities of zero trust, what it is, and why organizations need to adopt it. Lastly, a discussion of the lessons learned on a zero trust journey.

Watch the webcast - registration required.

State of Endpoint Risk and Security

Speakers: Absolute Software VP, Product Management, Jason Short; Absolute Software Director, Data Products, Hayley Davis; BlackBerry VP Global Sales Engineering Alex Willis

Description: Access insights on the state of endpoint risk and security from Absolute’s data intelligence platform to reduce enterprise device security risks, which are at an all-time high. Ensure your cybersecurity and device visibility strategy avoids the common mistake of “survivorship bias” and ensures the health of critical security tools in the wild.

Watch the webcast - registration required.

Removing the Adoption Barrier for BlackBerry Dynamics

Speaker: Blue Cedar CTO Kevin Fox

Description: Blue Cedar enables the rapid development of BlackBerry® Dynamics™ enabled iOS® and Android™ apps. This session demonstrates how effortless it can be to add BlackBerry Dynamics to already compiled mobile apps — without having to write a single line of code.

Watch the webcast - registration required.

Trust But Verify – Optimize CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS With the SafeBreach BAS Platform

Speaker: SafeBreach Technical Alliances Director Aaron Payne

Description: With SafeBreach’s industry-leading breach and attack simulation platform, you can rapidly validate your security configurations by leveraging a library of over 25,000 real-world attacks. This session demonstrates the ease of deploying SafeBreach to validate and optimize CylancePROTECT® and CylanceOPTICS®, to better protect against evolving threat landscapes.

Watch the webcast - registration required.

Finally, don’t forget to watch the historic fireside chat keynote between BlackBerry CEO John Chen and Deputy Head of the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine Victor Zhora. You can watch it here - registration required.

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