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BlackBerry UEM Achieves Additional DoD Security Compliance Award for U.S. Army Deployment

The U.S. Department of Defense is America's largest government agency and largest employer in the world. BlackBerry just took another major step to help keep it secure. 

I am pleased to announce that our BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) has achieved new Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) compliance from the Department of Defense (DoD), enabling it to continue to be selected and deployed by any DoD agency, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Expanding the already industry-leading number of government security certifications for BlackBerry UEM, STIG compliance further strengthens the trust the government sector, as well as other industries that have similarly stringent security requirements, have in BlackBerry.

The security capabilities of BlackBerry, especially BlackBerry UEM, remain second to none. Cybersecurity is increasingly — and always has been — core to national security. That's why BlackBerry products have been designed with government-grade security built-in for over 30 years.

What Is a DISA STIG?

STIGs are awarded by the DoD's combat support agency, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Here are some key details to note about DISA and its STIG certification:

  • A major focus for DISA is making the DoD network secure and resilient against cybersecurity threats and possible risks, by focusing on infrastructure and network security, and strengthening cybersecurity measures, including boundary defense and endpoint security. 

  • STIGs are a principal way that DISA works to safeguard DoD network resilience and protect government information systems from cybersecurity threats. DISA STIGs are designed to make device hardware and software as secure as possible, safeguarding the DoD IT networks and systems.

  • STIG compliance is a requirement across DoD IT. If a product does not have a STIG, the product cannot be used by the DoD.  Having a STIG certification means a product can be used across the DoD, by any agency or team.    

How Did BlackBerry Achieve DISA STIG Certification for UEM?

DISA STIGs are initiated for specific products, upon request from a DoD agency or team that would like to use said product:

  • A DoD entity that wishes to use a product must request that DISA test and approve a product’s cybersecurity capabilities.

  • DISA works with the vendor to complete testing to ensure the product meets a set of comprehensive security controls defined by DISA, including processes to mitigate any potential security risks.

  • In this case, BlackBerry UEM received the STIG certification at the end of a comprehensive, five-month, evaluation process.

What Does STIG Compliance Mean for BlackBerry UEM?

This new certification signifies that BlackBerry UEM meets the highest standards for reducing cyber risk. BlackBerry UEM represents the first line of cyber defense for an organization, delivering local, on-device encryption for data, and providing employees secure and seamless access to the corporate assets they need to be productive from anywhere without reliance on a VPN. There are countless more benefits, including flexible deployment and enabling secure access to a robust multi-vendor app ecosystem.

BlackBerry solutions are trusted by 17 of the world’s G20 governments, as they are known and certified, over 30+ years, to be among the most secure and reliable in the market. We are delighted to add this STIG certification to our list of industry-leading achievements.

Neelam Sandhu

About Neelam Sandhu

Neelam Sandhu was previously Chief Elite Customer Success Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, at BlackBerry.