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Experience the Future of Software-Defined Vehicles With BlackBerry at CES 2023

AUTOMOTIVE / 12.22.22 / Steve Kovsky

When the Consumer Electronics Show spun off from the Chicago Music Show in 1967, making its debut to a lively crowd in New York City, who could have imagined it would be going strong 56 years later? Yet here it is, about to convene once again in Las Vegas, still the premier event where the world's business leaders and innovators come together to show us what’s possible. For BlackBerry, there could be no more fitting place to start off 2023.

This year, BlackBerry is all about sharing the latest advances in safety and security — as well as convenience, commerce, infotainment, and more — that are being made possible by the automotive industry’s new frontier: the software-defined vehicle (SDV).

We hope you’ll take time to visit us — physically at our booth if you’re attending the event in person, and virtually if you’re not — to learn about our latest innovations and expanding partnerships that will change the in-vehicle experience for drivers and passengers, while easing and accelerating the work of software developers designing the next-generation of cars and trucks — not to mention robots, medical devices and more.

As part of your visit with us at CES® 2023, you’ll be able to experience live demos of BlackBerry IVY™, our innovative automotive software platform developed jointly with Amazon Web Services (AWS), along with important advances in our QNX® Neutrino® RTOS (real-time operating system) and QNX® Hypervisor products. 

And to celebrate the intrepid SDV pioneers, leaders, and domain experts who are paving the way for the future of the automotive industry, watch for the first-ever winners of the MotorTrend Software-Defined Vehicle Innovator (SDVI) Awards, which BlackBerry is proud to sponsor and support.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can experience at Booth 4025, BlackBerry’s biggest and (we predict) busiest booth in recent memory.

Latest Developments With BlackBerry IVY – The Next-Generation Software Defined Vehicle Platform

  • Experience a new live demonstration showcasing in-vehicle, edge-based machine learning, predictive maintenance, and in-vehicle secure payments, along with Amazon Alexa voice integration.

  • See the full BlackBerry IVY developer experience, and how IVY™ opens new doors for a global ecosystem of developers to solve real-world automotive challenges.

Latest Developments With BlackBerry QNX

  • Learn about our expanding work with AWS, QNX in the cloud, and what it means for mission-critical embedded systems developers.

  • Learn about our new collaboration that will jump-start embedded software developer innovation.

Transforming In-Car Acoustics

  • Learn about new suppliers embracing QNX AMP as the foundation for creating enhanced in-car acoustics in their next-generation and connected vehicles.

Software-Defined Vehicle Innovator Awards with MotorTrend

Winners of the first-ever Software-Defined Vehicle Innovator (SDVI) Awards will be announced at CES by MotorTrend Group, the legendary publisher and global automotive media brand of Warner Bros. Discovery. Created by the editors of MotorTrend, in partnership with BlackBerry, the SDVI Awards will celebrate the innovators and pioneers who are leading the automotive industry’s transformation from hardware to software, and redefining how cars are designed, built, driven, and experienced. To learn more, click here.  

And So Much More

Experts and executives from the BlackBerry IoT business division will be on-hand all week at CES, eager to share details on these and other exciting new capabilities, advancements, and announcements. To schedule a meeting or demonstration, connect with BlackBerry at CES 2023.

Steve Kovsky

About Steve Kovsky

Steve Kovsky is former Editorial Director at BlackBerry.