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BlackBerry IVY: 2 Big Updates to Know About From CES

AUTOMOTIVE / 01.17.23 / Sarah Tatsis

Innovative ideas are the fuel that powers the next generation of software-defined vehicles (SDVs). They seem to come from every direction and can sometimes get overwhelming. That’s where BlackBerry IVY™ steps in, to streamline your automotive software development process, helping you turn innovation into life-changing reality. IVY™ standardizes data from across all systems in the vehicle and enables machine learning (ML) processing at the vehicle edge, a breakthrough capability that can be harnessed to deliver new data-driven services and experiences, develop new revenue streams, and reduce operational costs.

BlackBerry IVY is a cloud-connected automotive AI platform co-developed by BlackBerry and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it kicked off the new year with a bang at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. BlackBerry IVY announced its first design win with leading China automaker Dongfeng Motor. The IVY team also announced that the AI platform is now pre-integrated on three commercially available digital cockpit platforms, from leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers Bosch and PATEO.

BlackBerry IVY on Three Commercially Available Automotive Platforms at CES 2023

At CES®, BlackBerry and AWS demonstrated several applications powered by BlackBerry IVY deployed on commercial automotive platforms, including:

  • PATEO’s intelligent digital cockpit highlighted an electric vehicle (EV) battery management solution, powered by IVY partner Electra Vehicles, illustrating how IVY insights can help optimize and enable personalized solutions for battery range and driver profiling, alleviating “range anxiety.”

  • Bosch’s information domain compute platform within a Jeep Grand Cherokee demonstrated innovative AI-based solutions for predictive maintenance of brakes and tires, as well as for supporting secure in-vehicle payments.

  • A virtualized BlackBerry IVY platform solution, powered by AWS Graviton processors, demonstrated how automakers can rapidly develop ML-based automotive solutions for scene detection and cybersecurity use cases.

“Today, the AWS co-developed BlackBerry IVY solution stands apart as a key means of achieving the software-defined future the automotive industry demands,” said Kathrin Renz, vice president of industries at AWS. “This continued innovation is a testament not only to the power of the cloud and what it enables, but also how data and insights will deliver the future of mobility.”

The BlackBerry IVY solution will be generally available in May 2023.

Dongfeng Motor Selects BlackBerry IVY-Powered Solutions for its Next-Gen All-Electric VOYAH Model

BlackBerry IVY is designed to enable automakers to rapidly deploy innovative third-party applications that enhance the in-vehicle experience for drivers and passengers alike. Dongfeng Motor, one of China’s largest automakers, is taking full advantage of this by selecting a PATEO Digital Cockpit powered by BlackBerry IVY for the automaker’s next-generation, all-electric VOYAH H97 model.

“We’re delighted to announce the first design win for BlackBerry IVY. It’s a pleasure to have one of China’s largest OEMs select BlackBerry IVY, as they look to double down on the success of their premium all-electric model line-up,” BlackBerry Executive Chairman and CEO said John Chen. “Chinese car buyers expect automakers to offer a vehicle that delivers innovative solutions and functionalities — also after it’s left the dealer’s lot. With BlackBerry IVY, Dongfeng now has a powerful platform to do just that, which will help to create additional revenue streams by enabling the development and delivery process for new in-vehicle solutions and services, ensuring that customers continuously benefit from data-driven applications and use cases that surprise and delight over the lifetime of their cloud-connected vehicles.”

Set to enter mass production in 2024, the premium BlackBerry IVY solution-enabled VOYAH H97 model will also incorporate Electra Vehicles, Inc.’s AI battery management solution powered by BlackBerry IVY – EVE-Ai™ - designed to provide real-time, personalized recommendations for EV battery management to improve EV range and lifetime, and to alleviate drivers’ “range anxiety.”

What’s Next for BlackBerry IVY?

Enabling automakers and their partners to monetize vehicle data and innovate more effectively, BlackBerry® technology is currently embedded in more than 215 million cars.

Going forward, BlackBerry IVY will continue to empower automakers and software developers by enabling data connectivity savings, quicker development times, and optimized data processing using on-vehicle machine learning (ML). With BlackBerry IVY to be generally available in May, we will enable more customers and OEMs to start integration of BlackBerry IVY and rapidly expand our ecosystem partnerships with solutions that are critical for automakers. To discover more about how BlackBerry IVY is revolutionizing the connected-autonomous ecosystem with an industry-leading edge-to-cloud software platform for automakers and smart cities, read the Frost & Sullivan white paper.

Sarah Tatsis

About Sarah Tatsis

Sarah Tatsis is Senior Vice President, IVY Platform Development at BlackBerry.