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Panel Discussion: BlackBerry Threat Research Team Analyzes the Latest Global Cyberthreat Intelligence Report (VIDEO)

During a recent 90-day stretch, BlackBerry detected an average of one new malware sample every minute. This discovery is just one revealing result from the company’s newly released — and in-depth — Global Cyberthreat Intelligence Report.

In a new BlackBerry LIVE episode, BlackBerry Distinguished Threat Researcher and CTI Lead Dmitry Bestuzhev dives into the team’s report with fellow BlackBerry threat researchers Jacob Faires, Dean Given, and Geoff O’Rourke. Together, they discuss the most active threat actors today, trends in loader payloads, cybercrime in the automotive industry, and more.

Here are two excerpts from that conversation to give you an idea of the wide-ranging cyberthreat data the team uncovered.

About the most popular malicious loader:

Jacob Faires: “What is interesting is that GootLoader, the most popular brand of loader used against our clients, is delivering commodity malware, and almost exclusively infostealers like RedLine and Raccoon. These stealers are malware-as-a-service (MaaS): You can just go out and buy them off the shelf and use them to operationalize your malicious activity. So, what we’re seeing is that the most popular tools are not custom rollouts; it's what you find on hack forums.”

About cyberattacks against the automotive industry:

Geoff O’Rourke: “The automotive industry has such a broad and complex supply chain that it’s definitely open to attack, in some cases significantly so. For example, unfortunately, last year an Asian car manufacturer had their supply chain compromised. Now, the actual car manufacturer itself wasn't hit; it was one of their raw material suppliers. Still, the effect was so drastic that they had to close multiple plants and cease production for a few days.”

For more key findings, watch the panel discussion video below or download the Global Threat Intelligence Report.

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