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Tech Chiefs Share Their Resolutions for 2023

AUTOMOTIVE / 01.18.23 / Charles Eagan
(This Technology column, “Tech Chiefs Share Their Resolutions for 2023," written by Francesca Cassidy of Raconteur, was originally published January 9, 2023, in Raconteur. Excerpted with permission – access the full article here).

IT leaders in a range of sectors reveal their priorities for a year that’s set to be challenging for the many that are trawling the same small talent pool.

This year I’m focusing on the intersection between the internet of things and cybersecurity. I’ll be considering how to secure IoT devices and make the cyber unit more aware of IoT.

I’m looking at how to improve our preparedness through education, storytelling, and the simplification of technology. We know that security is better when it’s by design, not bolted on.

Everyone Is Aware of Cyber Risk and Everyone Thinks It’s Someone Else’s Job.

If we work together and share insights, we become a much more formidable foe for attackers, offering them no low-hanging fruit.

The tech talent shortage is certainly a challenge. The reality that many people can work from anywhere has prompted a lot of IT professionals to move jobs. In the early stages of the pandemic, I predicted that much of this movement would slow down – and that hasn’t happened. But I’m optimistic. Whenever an expert leaves an area, the people they leave behind often think: how are we going to cope? Then new smart people emerge.

My general management philosophy is to find out what work someone is good at and put a mountain of that in front of them. At BlackBerry, we have a lot of tough problems that are fun to work on. I think that this is an effective way to retain people.

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Charles Eagan

About Charles Eagan

Appointed in June 2018, Charles Eagan is the Chief Technology Officer for BlackBerry. In this role, Charles is responsible for the advancement of new technologies, driving innovation within emerging markets and advancing security capabilities that leverage AI and Machine Learning. He is also responsible for technology partnerships and overseeing the standardization and integration of all company products with an emphasis on helping drive BlackBerry’s Internet of Things platform.