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Bringing Scale to Zero Trust Network Access with CylanceGATEWAY Using AWS Global Accelerator

There’s a growing need in today’s hybrid workforce to establish secure network connectivity from any device — managed or unmanaged — to any app, in the cloud or on-premises, across any network.

Now a partnership between BlackBerry and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will make this level of secure connectivity easier to implement at scale.

In a new joint-authored blog, available here, we delve into this partnership and what it will mean for organizations around the globe.

Utilizing the extensive points of presence provided by AWS, this collaboration helps make CylanceGATEWAY™ faster and more readily available to entities of all sizes, empowering them to realize security and performance benefits that come with ZTNA (zero trust network access). CylanceGATEWAY replaces traditional VPN (virtual private network) technologies with a cloud-native solution that delivers strong security and improved performance for end users.

By leveraging the AWS Global Accelerator, CylanceGATEWAY scales securely and enhances network connectivity speeds, reducing latency and improving the remote end-user experience. The AWS Global Accelerator improves application performance and security, providing two static public IP addresses and protection from DDoS attacks with AWS Shield.

The joint blog provides an overview of the benefits of the AWS Global Accelerator. These include:

  • Improved resiliency and availability
  • Accelerated latency-sensitive applications
  • Simplified global traffic management

Additionally, this blog explores benefits of CylanceGATEWAY, including:

  • Lower latency
  • Higher throughput
  • Improved security
  • More efficient deployments

We believe this partnership between BlackBerry and AWS is a crucial next step for organizations of any size seeking to deploy ZTNA easily and effectively. Read how, here.

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Noah Campbell

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Noah Campbell is the Senior Elite Technical Marketing Specialist at BlackBerry.

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