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RSA Conference Rebounds as Business Risks Soar

This post, “RSA Conference Rebounds as Business Risks Soar,” written by BlackBerry Editorial Director Steve Kovsky, was originally published in the May 9, 2023 edition of TechNewsWorld. Limited excerption with permission – access the full article here).

Like a persistent piece of malware that your antivirus product just can’t seem to eradicate, the annual RSA cybersecurity conference was back with a vengeance this year. But while the malware example is inherently malicious, the industry event seemed to be bustling with goodwill and a positive message for the cybersecurity industry, starting with its theme for the year: “Stronger together.”

Similar to many in-person industry events, RSA languished during the height of the pandemic, turning to online-only attendance as Covid raged. But from April 24 to 27, San Francisco’s Moscone conference complex again reigned as the center of the cybersecurity universe. The sponsoring organization reported that this year’s conclave — its 32nd annual event — “attracted over 40,000 attendees, including 650+ speakers, 500+ exhibitors, and 500+ members of the media.”

Read the full article and explore relevant topics in TechNewsWorld here.

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